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    Hestia Construction & Design is an established home remodeling company in Austin. Full home remodeling is one of the many all-inclusive home remodeling services offered. From single rooms to additions to full home remodeling, Hestia Construction & Design will work with you to turn your current home into your dream home. Contact us at 832-399-2060 to schedule an appointment with a Renovation Specialist. Our offices are open by appointment only and located at 31 Navasota Street, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78702. 

    At Hestia, we believe you should love the home you live in. Whether you bought your home with the intention of remodeling it to fit your needs or your needs have changed since you purchased, Hestia Construction & Design has the expertise necessary to create the perfect layout and design for your needs. We have received numerous customer service awards since the inception of our firm.

    Award Winning Customer Service

    Hestia Construction and Design is proud of the fact that we provide unparalleled customer service and communication for each and every client. We work hard to keep you informed throughout every phase of your remodeling project. From proposal to completion, customer service is our #1 priority. At Hestia, we are always here to help make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. Our service team has been given multiple awards over the years including:


        • Back to back winners! 2022 and 2021 Top 15 Best Remodeling Contractors in Austin by Expertise.com
        • Back to back winners! Winner of the 2021 and 2020 Best of Houzz Service Award
        • Winner of the BBB 2020 Award for Excellence
        • Back to back winners! Winner of the 2019 and 2018 BBB Gold Star Award
        • HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award
        • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Company

    If you don’t need a full home remodel, Hestia Construction & Design offers other options to improve your home. We can assist you with everything from your bathroom remodel to your new outdoor living space! Other services offered by Hestia Construction & Design include: 

    Find out what our Austin, TX clients have to say about our Full Home Remodeling

    We have completed several remodels over the years and never thought we would find a company we would be willing to refer to others, but we did! Hestia completed our master bathroom remodel about a month ago and it has turned our beautiful. We are looking forward to the next one!

    Ellery Riha

    The experience with Hestia and all the folks who worked on our project was very positive. Of course, as with any construction project, there will be frustrations. The key to a good vendor is not that there are problems, its how they address them. There were a couple of hiccups, but the folks at Hestia worked to correct them quickly and efficiently. All of the employees were polite, hard working and completed the work in a timely manner. I would recommend Hestia (and already have) and will use them again.

    Kelvyn Stirk

    Obviously a 5 Star Review!!! I’ve been working with Hestia Construction & Design for over a year now. I highly recommend them for any home remodel job, bathroom, kitchen or even a whole home renovation. Hannah & Jesse are both great to work with! Let me just say, that the Hestia Difference is real!

    Adam Gregory

    Services that we offer in the Austin, TX Area

    Hestia Construction & Design has years of experience completing full home remodeling in Austin, TX. From individual rooms to the exterior of your home to a complete home remodel, Hestia can turn your home into your sanctuary. Some clients prefer to complete their remodeling projects one room at a time while others want to do their full home at once. Regardless of how you choose to remodel your home, Hestia can help you turn your current home into the home you love.

    Kitchen Remodeling Austin

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Starting a kitchen remodeling project in your Austin, TX home can be a daunting task. There are layouts to consider, materials to select, and numerous cabinetry choices. Hestia Construction & Design has the expertise necessary to help you find the perfect layout, materials, cabinets, and value-added options to turn your current kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams! A Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet allows you to access everything with ease, and a spice rack next to the stove keeps all the necessary ingredients within arm’s reach. Hestia employs a cabinet specialist to help you pick the right cabinets and options for your needs. Kitchen remodeling is another service that Hestia Construction & Design offers in the Austin, TX area.

    Outdoor Remodeling

    The work from home movement has made outdoor living spaces more important than ever. Is your outdoor area just not working for your needs anymore? Do you need a new covered patio so you can work outside in the breeze while avoiding the blazing sun? Hestia Construction & Design can help you extend your living space with an  outdoor remodeling project in your Austin, TX home. Create a relaxing patio area or an outdoor kitchen. Enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard.


    Kitchen Remodeling Austin

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Hestia Construction & Design has remodeled numerous bathrooms since our inception. If you are looking to start a bathroom remodeling project in Austin, TX, we can help you with the perfect floor plan and design. Turn your master bathroom into a relaxing oasis or your second bathroom into the perfect place for guests to refresh. Bathroom remodeling is one of the many services Hestia Construction & Design offers in the Austin, TX area.

    Room Additions

    It is very common for the needs of a family to change after a home is purchased. The unexpected twins when there was only going to be one more. The in-laws finally taking you up on the offer to move in after you just downsized. Sometimes, all you need is just a little more space. Hestia Construction & Design knows how to make the most out of room additions in your Austin, TX home and has the expertise to create a seamless transition into your new space.

    31 Navasota St #150
    Austin, TX 78702
    , United States

    Frequently Asked Questions about Full Home Remodeling in Austin

    Many customers come to us asking questions about full home remodeling in Austin, TX. Since we tend to get the same questions from many of our customers, we opted to give you some of the answers ahead of time. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Austin’s full home remodeling.

    Will the McMansion Ordinance (aka Residential Design and Compatibility Standards) affect my full home remodel?

    Depending on your home’s location, current size, and desired renovation, the McMansion ordinance can affect your full home remodeling project in Austin, TX. The McMansion ordinance is a law passed that applies to certain zip codes in the Austin Area. It is designed to limit the amount of livable space within the footprint of a property. This is meant to preserve the look and feel of Austin. Under this ordinance, the maximum amount of development permitted on a property is limited to 0.4 to 1.0 floor-to-area ratio OR 2,300 square feet of gross floor area, whichever is greater. For example, 

    • if your home is on a 10,000 sq ft lot, .4 of 10,000 is 4,000 sq ft. 4,000 is greater than 2,300 so the maximum amount of gross floor area allowed on this property is 4,000 square feet.  
    • If your home is on a 5,000 sq ft lot, .4 of 5,000 is 2,000 sq ft. 2,300 is greater than 2,000 so the maximum amount of gross floor area allowed on this property is 2,300 square feet. 

    This link will give you more information on the Residential Design and Compatibility Standards in Austin and will allow you to read about how gross floor area is measured: https://library.municode.com/tx/austin/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT25LADE_CH25-2ZO_SUBCHAPTER_FREDECOST

    How much does a full home remodeling cost in Austin?

    A full home remodeling project can vary in price. It is impossible to price a remodeling project without knowing the materials, scope, current issues in the home, and measurements. However, our renovations specialists can sit down and discuss your renovation plans. We will then take all the information you have given us and put together a detailed proposal that takes into account all the information available. You will meet with us at our office and our renovation specialist will explain the proposal to you. Whether you have a small bathroom remodel in mind or are planning on gutting the whole home, Hestia Construction & Design can help.

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