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Home remodeling design

10 Perfect Add-Ons for Your Houston Home

A house is a major investment, but often what was a perfect design at one stage of life cannot meet the needs of an evolving family. Yet, the idea of selling a home to gain more space is unappealing to many people, even when their current one is not big enough. That...
tri ruler and pencil

Additions and Home Remodeling Austin Costs

If you need more space and you want to learn more about home remodeling Austin, an addition could be the answer you are looking for. Adding square footage to your home or expanding the kitchen or the master bedroom may be a good investment. You are likely considering...
Home design

How To Start a Living Room Remodel for Your Austin Home

Home renovations Austin is an exciting time for any homeowner. However, it may be hard to know where to start. Do you plan your budget first? Should you think about your focal point? Do you want your living room designed around the designer sofa that you just bought?...

5 Places To Add An Extra Bathroom To Your Houston Home

Bathroom renovations add value to your home. Adding an extra bathroom to your home can increase its market value, even if you add a small bathroom. If you don’t think you have any space in your home to support another bathroom, think again. A half bath can easily fit...
Home Remodeling Attic window

Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX

Instead of moving into a larger home in a new neighborhood, more people choose home remodeling Austin TX to increase square footage. There are several ways you can add space to your existing home. Whether you need additional storage, an extra bedroom, or you want a...
Bathroom design

What’s the ROI of a Houston Bathroom Remodel?

If you’re considering placing your home on the market, you may want to research home remodeling Houston projects you can do to boost its resale value. While there are several improvements, you can make that will attract more buyers, one of the most popular areas to...
Construction planning

How To Make Your Houston Home Remodeling Project a Success

Remodeling a home or maybe just a room in a home can feel overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. Fortunately, you have more control than you may think over how smoothly the process goes. Here are some of the top ways to make your home remodeling...

When Is the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling Austin TX?

Can you begin a home remodeling Austin TX project at any time of the year, or are certain times more favorable than others? In northern areas of the country, people generally try to avoid starting construction projects in the winter because the snow and frozen ground...
Home Remodeling Houston

Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans

You’ve probably been studying floor plans if you are completing a home remodeling Houston project. Floor plans are important to home renovations because they influence everything from construction costs to contractor choices. If you’re in the design phase of your home...
Kitchen Remodeling Austin

10 Great Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling Austin TX, and Other Open Plan Layouts

Open concept is popular for kitchen remodeling Austin TX, for all the right reasons.  The unobstructed lines of sight create a spacious effect that can make even small areas feel welcoming. Of course, not every design choice works with this particular type of floor...
Kitchen Renovations Houston

Kitchen Renovations Houston: Is Now a Good Time To Go Through With One?

Whether homeowners are in the planning stages of their kitchen renovations Houston, have already broken ground, or at the final stages of construction, many wonder if they should continue with the projecting during COVID-19. The answer depends on several factors, the...
Finance Your Austin Remodeling Project

Is it a Good Idea To Finance Your Austin Remodeling Project With a Loan?

At some point or another, almost every homeowner will be struck with the urge to have an Austin remodeling contractor come in and make a space more personal, functional, or both. The reality is that renovations can be costly, and the overwhelming majority of...
Kitchen Remodeling Trends

15 Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Look for in Houston

Before hiring home remodelers Houston to renovate your home, it’s a good idea to check out some of the current trends. This helps you to create an idea of what you like and decide what works best for your home. Knowing this upfront makes the design and...
Hire a Professional Company for Your Home Renovation

10 Reasons To Hire a Professional Company for Your Home Renovation

Houston whole home remodels can be expensive, depending on the project. Worrying over costs often leads homeowners to consider DIY solutions, but this is a mistake, especially with larger scale Home Renovation. Before becoming your own general contractor,...
Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Why Should I Combine Other Projects With My Bathroom Remodeling Houston?

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom to sell your home or for your quality of life, bathroom remodeling Houston is a big undertaking. At Hestia Construction & Design, we know every project is another wish list item checked off, but every remodel can also be a...
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