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Our Process

Schedule a Consultation

Give us a call at 832-399-2060 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. We’ll give you all of the necessary information, so you know what to expect and who to expect at your door on the day of your consultation. During this free consultation, you’ll discuss your renovation project with one of our Solutions Specialists


Complimentary Consultation

We begin every remodeling project by getting to know your needs and wants through an initial consultation. We recognize that home renovations are a large investment, both in time and money, and this consultation gives both you and Hestia opportunity to ask questions, discuss your vision and ideas, as well as set project goals and budget.

Design & Material Selection

We’ll guide you through the material selection process, ensuring all necessary fixtures and materials are chosen and available prior to starting. Our office staff coordinates site visits with the necessary vendors and handles all of the ordering and logistics. Our process reduces any unforeseen delays and enables the project to run smoothly from start to finish.

Set Project Timeline

Precise scheduling and organization is the key to any successful remodeling project. Once the design is finalized and all materials are selected, a project walkthrough is scheduled to ensure all parties have a thorough, consistent understanding of what is involved in the scope of work prior to beginning. At that time, we provide a project timeline.

The Renovation Begins!

During the renovation stage, our team of expert remodeling contractors start transforming your space. We strive to minimize any disruption to your home and treat your home with the utmost respect, with the same care we’d give to our own homes. The Project Manager will communicate progress, updates, and all other project-related information to you on a regular, frequent basis.

Final Inspection & Unveiling

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we ensure that every detail of your remodel is scrutinized and perfected before our team is finished. Once we verify all workmanship is aligned with our standards, we then reveal the beautiful, newly renovated space! We then perform a final project walkthrough in order to thoroughly asses the project and mutually identify any potentially outstanding items.


Custom Kitchens – When Is The Right Time

Kitchen remodels can range from basic upgrades to more elaborate redesigns. But if you are planning to get a remodel done in order to address the problems you may be facing in your current kitchen, a custom kitchen may be a good idea for you. With a custom kitchen, you’ll have a space that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and preferences in terms of styles, designs, materials, and colors like no other.

Custom Kitchen At An Affordable Cost

While all of our Houston home improvement services are second-to-none in quality, they are also competitively priced. No matter what features you have in mind, we can build them into your custom kitchen design.

At the initial consultation, our kitchen designers discuss your ideas and specifications for your custom kitchen. Thereafter, we create the design layouts and plans and evaluate them with you.

Next, our designers carefully guide you to pick the most suitable colors, materials, lighting, fixtures, and accessories within your budget. This process allows us to give shape to your unique custom kitchen. For the best custom kitchens, get in touch with us today!

Today, when you’re planning a kitchen remodel, there are so many aesthetic options available. And being in large metro Houston there is certainly a lot to choose from…

If you consider your kitchen to be a space where you cook, eat, and entertain your guests, a kitchen island or open floor plan will likely play a big role in the design. In comparison, if you just want to cook in the space, a simple kitchen plan is all you’ll need.

Prefer privacy while you cook? A smaller kitchen with a compact work space is efficient enough to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you entertain often, you can integrate your kitchen space with your living area. No matter what your specifications are, our Custom Kitchens can give you the kitchen that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

At Hestia, we specialize in designing practical and elegant custom kitchens. For more than two decades, we are the kitchen remodeling contractors in Houston that homeowners have grown to trust. Here are some of the reasons why:

Everything Customized to YOU

Built-To-Fit Custom Kitchens

If you have an unconventional kitchen layout or an unusual floor plan, a custom kitchen design can address the specific aspects of the space and utilize it beautifully. A custom kitchen design can eliminate dead spaces — or unused areas — and maximize working and storage areas in your kitchen.

Top-Notch Workmanship

Because of the way they are built, a custom kitchen will usually outlast a stock kitchen. And, when you hire reputed kitchen contractors such as Hestia Home Services, you benefit from the finest quality workmanship with superior cabinetry, accessories, lighting, and fixtures.

Tailored For Your Needs

While a stock kitchen is designed for the general marketplace, a custom kitchen is designed specifically for you. Elements of the design will meet your needs and you won’t have to compromise the function of your space. For example, if you are a tall person, you no longer have to bend over while preparing your meals. Similarly, short people can have a custom kitchen made where they don’t have to use a step-stool to reach the top shelves.

What our Clients Say:

Dakota, Melissa, and Desiree were very responsive and great to work with.
Joey did a great job keeping the project on schedule and keeping me informed of all changes in time and schedules.

Paul Buchanan

Worked with Lonnie Nehls, he had amazing presentation. Explained the process thoroughly and I am excited in working with him in the near future for more projects.

Jesus Covarrubias

Dakota & Melissa are the BEST staff that Hestia could have, and very, very friendly & organized. 100% recommend. 💁‍♀️

Jessica Diaz

Worked with James. We were torn between remodeling our older home and purchasing a newer home. Even with the prospect of us not using Hestia, James was attentive, thorough, and extremely gracious!

Letosha Gale

Luxury Kitchen

Enjoy the ultimate in entertainment luxury in a newly remodeled kitchen. We proudly custom build and remodel kitchens to build the kitchen of your dreams. 

Kitchen Tiles

Houston Kitchen tiles come in a wide variety of materials such as stone, metal, glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Kitchen Remodeling

In Texas, Houston kitchen remodeling contractors work on home improvement projects designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen.

kitchen Cabinets

Houston Kitchen cabinets are often the first thing people notice when they enter a kitchen.e.

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