Shower Restoration Project
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Shower Restoration Project

If you are interested in removing mold from the grouts of tile, we are your shower restoration team. Our group of design experts and contractors will not only restore your once beautiful bathroom shower, but will also add many things; such as, a shower niche for your storage. Your health is important, and your shower usually has a role in many people in your home’s hygienic purposes. We will offer hard water and soap scum removal, mildew, mold and bacteria removal, tile cleaning, grout restoration, or deep cleaning sanitation. We are not only one of the greatest remodeling teams in Houston, but we are also one of the greatest restoration teams for your shower room! You do not have to have previous remodeling history with us for us to restore your home, we work our best to give you the perfect, clean shower restoration project.

The Right Shower Restoration Project Team

With a shower restoration project, it is assured that everything will be sanitary as we eliminate all causes that could ruin your shower room. We make sure that we prevent all issues that could possibly create water damage to walls (ex. grout line damage) by adding the right sealant and higher quality material to make sure your shower restoration will last. Restoring tiles or adding a redesign that will create a pop in appearance. Everlasting and stylish buffs with our shower restoration team will keep guests interested of how they could compete with your home.

There are many reasons to have a wall niche as it is so versatile and restore your previously beautiful shower. Restore the showering experience to a time where you had just bought your home new with the elegant shower restoration project.