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Remodeled Shower
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Remodeled Shower Houston TX

If you are interested in turning your bathroom into a stylish modern look, we are the best Houston company to do remodeled shower for your home. Nothing looks more modern than turning your old framed shower to a frameless glass door. When designing your home, we will assure you a spacious, timeless, and tidy experience to not only look stylish, but will improve the hygienic workflow. With our designs we could add storage to your shower with niches. The owner of the frameless glass door shower has given us some great feedback of all the pros to having a frameless shower for a remodeled shower.

Corrosion Prevention

The one main benefit of having a frameless door is not to worry about corrosion and having to continue to replace corroded metal frames. Shower frames could cost up to hundreds of dollars to replace.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

When you own a framed glass door shower, it may be hard to clean out between the cracks for mold and mildew. You are able to minimalize all the spaces and gaps mold and mildew could grow in. With frameless glass doors it is easy to add sealant and to wipe down essentially nothing but glass!

Easy to Clean and Tough

It’s only glass. All you have to do is spray you cleaning product and wipe down and it will look crystal clear instantly! We assure you the glass is not as flimsy as the glass they used for framed doors; essentially you will have no worries about shatters unless it was a really bad mistake.


The owner has previously stated that whenever his shower frame corroded, it became very easy for water to seep out of the shower. With the frame-less glass door, the only thing needed is a watertight seal and you will have no leaks!

Look for Hestia Home Services for a stylish and healthy remodeled shower experience!