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Open Kitchen


An open plan kitchen is ideal for small homes, as it gives an airy and spacious vibe to them. An open kitchen can be designed to seamlessly meld with the rest of the living space. It can even be built into an awkward corner-space. Which can be a brilliant idea for homes where space is at a premium.

However, open kitchens are not simply functional spaces. With design innovation and master craftsmanship, you can get a custom open kitchen built with all the trappings of an ordinary kitchen — from cabinets to the latest appliances.


More Space – An open kitchen has all the features that a normal kitchen has. In fact, as there are no restricting walls, it’s easier to move around while cooking. There is no boundary between the dining area and the kitchen so the feeling of space is even more. You can easily get food to the table, and enjoy hot meals all the time.

Cabinetry – A good home remodeling company will custom-make your cabinets using the best quality wood and great workmanship. Cabinets can be made under the counter tops as well as above, right up to the ceiling, so that you have more than enough storage space. With gleaming chrome fittings and fine finish, your cabinets will be functional and beautiful.

Color Scheme – The color scheme of the rest of the open area is continued in the open kitchen, so that there is a feeling of continuity and cohesiveness in the entire floor plan. Usually, a neutral color scheme like cream, ivory or beige is used in the cabinets, as white-based colors offer an illusion of space and brightens up the area.

A countertop and backsplash in a contrasting dark shade brings out the beauty of the kitchen. Having a window in the backsplash can add natural light to the kitchen. The flooring would be the same as in the rest of the room, so that the kitchen feels like an integral part of the open floor plan.


While price range may vary depending on the features you want to be incorporated, an open kitchen usually costs a little less than other kitchens because nearly everything — shelves, cabinets, and countertops — are fitted into a maximum of two walls. Also the price can go up or down depending on the materials used.

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