Houston Kitchen Tiles

Everything You Need To Know About Houston Kitchen Tiles

Houston Kitchen tiles are one of the most critical elements of a Houston kitchen renovation project. Whether they are used for your kitchen walls or for the backsplash, choosing the right patterns, colors and styles can have a huge impact on the final outcome of a kitchen remodel.

Depending on whether you’re after a clean and elegant look or want something rich and opulent, your choice of tiles needs to match with the rest of the design elements — the countertops, cabinets, accessories, and fixtures.

There are custom-made tiles available as well. So if your kitchen’s style is a mash-up of two or more styles or you’ve opted for a unique theme, custom tiles can offer the perfect match. As kitchen remodelers trusted by Houston homeowners for more than two decades, we are your best guide when it comes to selecting the right tiles for your kitchen.

Types of Houston Kitchen Tiles

Houston Kitchen tiles come in a wide variety of materials such as stone, metal, glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles. And, they are also available in lots of different shades, sizes and shapes. A good kitchen remodeling Houston TX contractor can cut the tiles into the shape and size you want, to create any custom pattern you have in mind, in case the store bought tiles do not meet the design requirement.

Some of the most popular types of kitchen tiles are:

Laser Cut Tiles – These kitchen tiles are cut intricately to produce an elaborate pattern. The materials used are quartz, silver and gold backed glass, and marble.

Mirror Tiles – Tiny mirrored tiles are assembled together to create a beautiful mirrored pattern. These are perfect for your backsplash.

Subway Tiles – These tiles never lose their charm and remain an all time favorite.

Large Pattern Tiles – Big and bold, these tiles create a unique look. Your kitchen remodeler can help you get the design right, so that the design looks even all throughout.

Rectangular Tile Options

Your kitchen remodel expert can cut tiles in any shape and size, but rectangular tiles are a common choice that goes well with most kitchen designs. We have a team of expert installers who can cut and install tiles with flawless precision.

Diagonal Tile Options

The tiles can be placed diagonally to create an interesting pattern, but remember, this style requires approximately 10% more number of tiles, and more labor cost. Houston Kitchen tiles are an important aspect of your kitchen. Therefore, professional remodelers always pay attention to this element and you should make sure to do so as well if you’re planning a kitchen renovation.

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