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Houston Kitchen Flooring
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Houston Kitchen Renovation: Transforming Your Kitchen from Drab to Dazzling

When you go for a full Houston kitchen renovation, you hope to get the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen which fulfills all your requirements, is functional, as well as beautiful. A kitchen where you can enjoy cooking as well as entertaining. As one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in Houston, we aim to give you a brand new kitchen, making your vision a reality.

What Does Full Kitchen Renovation Mean?

A complete custom kitchen makeover means that the entire kitchen will be rebuilt and re-designed. As Houston’s top remodeling company, we include the following in a full kitchen renovation project:

Cabinets – Your old cabinets will be replaced with new ones, made out of solid wood or any other material that will match your kitchen design. The cabinet design and color would be determined by the overall design or theme of your kitchen.

Backsplash – Ceramic or porcelain tile, stone, glass, mirror etc. can be used to create a backsplash which can merge with the kitchen wall or stand out as a separate design element.

Kitchen Wall Tiling – The kitchen walls can be resurfaced with the same tiles you choose for the backsplash for a cohesive look, or different tiles if you want a different look and feel.

Countertops – Granite, marble, mosaic and tile counter tops in darker shades are a perfect foil for the light colored cabinets.

Flooring – The flooring would also be changed and new floor tiles would be installed, using the material you choose.

A Houston kitchen renovation should have both subtle as well as strong lighting for different purposes. When you’re cooking, eating and when you or your children want to work in the kitchen, you need ample light. At times when you’re entertaining, mood lighting can create the perfect atmosphere. Wherever possible, we recommend installing one or more windows in the kitchen to take advantage of natural light.

We are experts in making beautiful molding and installing embellishments like wrought iron brackets to give your kitchen a designer look. To make the most out of a full Houston kitchen renovation project, you should always hire a reputed and professional remodeling contractor. One who has years of experience in working with diverse kitchen designs and styles.