Houston Kitchen Builder
Type of Project
Kitchen Remodel
Project Length
4 weeks

Houston Kitchen Builder

Hestia home services is a Houston  builder that knows how to plan & implement a cost effective kitchen remodel that you will love.

You can see this homeowner wanted a clean and modern look. Once we got a general idea of what they wanted we moved on to selecting materials.

When it comes to selecting your Houston kitchen builder materials , you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the Houston homeowner favorites:

Solid Wood

Solid wood is pricey but has a magnificent, rich look and is durable as well.

Wood Veneer

Veneer showcases wood grains magnificently, but it requires an expert, skilled Houston remodeling contractor to install them properly.


Laminate veneers can be textured or smooth and are highly heat resistant and environmentally safe.


Fiberboard is a cost effective material which is durable and a good alternative for solid wood.

Plywood Panels

Plywood panel drawer fronts and doors can withstand dryness and high humidity levels too.


Aluminum is a popular choice due to its durability, and if kept polished, can look great for a long time.


Polyethylene drawers and doors are durable, long-lasting and can be a good choice for those looking for a low-maintenance option.

From planning to construction our BBB A+ rated home improvement services are top in class.