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Houston Bathroom Renovations
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Houston Bathroom Renovations – Bathroom Tile Trends 2017

In today’s bath designs, tiles in unique patterns, textures, and finishes add depth where design was previously flat.  If you’re in the market for a bathroom design remodel, take note of some of the tile design trends for 2017. There are many fresh tile options available to allow you to personalize your space. Although, it may be tempting to jump on the latest bathroom design trends, remember you may wish to consider a neutral atheistic to get the greatest return on your investment.

Bathroom Tile Patterns

Break away from the same boring tile squares and spice up your bathroom space with eye-catching tile patterns. Instead of traditional squares, rectangles, hexagons, and circles create added interest to bathroom spaces.  For a gorgeous and neutral option, mix and match your tile textures and sizes. From bathroom and shower floors to the walls and backsplashes, hexagon and other geometric patterns are sure to catch the eye. From fish scales to lantern patterns, unique shapes will stand out and liven up a boring space. Mixing tile patterns and materials is a great way to update your bathroom space.

Retro Tiles For Your Bathroom

In 2017, the classic trends are back in style. For those whose are more daring, consider the pink tiles that dominated bathroom design in the 1950’s. Pink tiles on the walls and floor were historically prevalent, but today you can update the look with a trim tile color choice that coordinates with the rest of your home.  For another classic look, consider that black and while floor tiles are back in demand. The tiles are a more neutral way to add just a slight pop of color.  White rectified subway tiles continue to be a simple and classic choice not just for the kitchen.

Houston Bathroom Renovations – Texture & Finishes

Houston bathroom renovations have come a long way and one of the new trends is to angle and set a tile pattern that is not flat. A three-dimensional wall will draw the eye and add elegance and a feeling of luxury to the space. Textures such as natural stone for shower wall tiles remains the rage. Instead of bold colors, consider soft neutrals with texture. A beautiful textured feature tile is perfect for a backsplash or feature wall. Glossy subway tiles with a contrasting grout adds a twist to on the ongoing trend.

The latest trends in custom bathroom remodeling begins & ends with tile selection… whether bold or traditional, it guides homeowners to create a bathroom atheistic that is unique to each individual style. The possibilities are endless!