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Houston Backyard Fire Pit




Your backyard can be a space where you can enjoy intimate dinners with friends, around a lovely fire burning. WIth your Houston backyard fire pit.

Hestia Home Services can design and build any style of fire pit, which would suit your backyard’s theme. Because you can have a high-end, intricately designed fire pit with patterned tiles and a beautiful stone top. Or you may prefer a simple one which suits your budget. Finally whatever your choice is. There is no dearth of materials and styles for fire pits.

Here are some things to consider when building a fire pit in the backyard of your Houston home:

Permanent and Portable Fire Pits – You can have a fire pit which is the focal point of your landscaped yard. Or you can choose to have a lightweight portable fire pit which you can shift to anywhere you want as per your convenience. But you would need a surface such as stone, gravel, concrete, brick or slate to set your outdoor fire pit.

Gas or Wood – If you are looking for the authentic feel of a bonfire outdoors, firewood is the way to go. Gas/propane fires light instantly but do not have the same smoke or crackle of a wood fire. But these are a great option for modern or contemporary styles of fire pits.

Location – An experienced Houston backyard fire pit remodel specialist firm can guide you in selecting the best location for your fire pit. Because this needs to be done keeping in mind the local fire department rules and regulations.

The Ambience – Subtle outdoor lighting, beautiful outdoor furniture and other decorative items can be placed strategically to enhance your experience of sitting near the fire

You can spend many cozy evenings basking in the warmth of your backyard fire pit or toasting marshmallows in the company of your loved ones. However, in order to enjoy these moments to the fullest, you need to make sure your Houston backyard fire pit is built by experienced contractors who have taken care of its functional, aesthetic, and safety aspects.


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