Project Description

Type of Project
Bathroom Remodel
Project Length
4 weeks
Dual Sink Kitchen

Dual Sink Kitchen Remodel Project – Reasons You Should Sink In

If you have one sink in the kitchen, why not have two? Seems odd, but after remodeling the kitchen layout of a previous customers we have some things to let you sink in to motivate you to start a dual sink kitchen remodel project.

1. Dedicated Prep and Cleaning Sinks

Separating and dedicating your dual sinks for cleaning and prepping just like restaurants will become very advantageous for your household. It may be a drag to worry about cleaning dishes; in a double basin sink, it may just look very unhygienic and unsanitary to prep next to a pile of dirty dishes! A prep sink could be organized by where all your utensils, tools, appliance, and bowls are located to rinse and drain. The cleanup sink should be organized where you store plates, silverware, and serving pieces, usually near a dishwasher.

2. Multiple Cooks and Cleaners in the Kitchen

Having two sinks means you and others could have two work stations! A group of people may be able to work in harmony without competing for the same sink. Workflow and efficiency makes it best to get things done. Why have one cook in the kitchen when you could have two! Cleaning after a party? How about you get the work done twice as fast with a helping hand since you have an extra sink.

3. Solo Working

Maybe you just don’t have time to cleanup and prep. As stated above, it may just be very unsanitary to let food thaw out in a double basin sink where your dirty dishes are piled as well. The convenience of having a dual sink kitchen will help you be more hygienic if you are on a tight schedule and just want to clean the dishes later.

Remember, design is important! It really matters where you place the sinks for remodeling for better workflow and efficiency. Hestia Home Services is here to provide you with all tips and services you would need to achieve a successful double sink kitchen remodeling project!

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