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Bathtub Renovation


Project Description

Type of Project
Bathroom Remodel
Project Length
6 weeks



Interested in having a stylish simplistic bathtub renovation project? Well, we are one of the best bathroom remodeling companies in Houston, Texas! We assure that our bathroom remodeling designers and contractors will make a home you didn’t think could look any better, look even more great! If you are looking for minimalistic or simplistic look for your restroom, our experts will make your personal retreat into a more spacious and tidy experience when bathing. The homeowner has given us some great feedback of some benefits you haven’t even considered.


Get rid of all bordering tiles that could harbor mold and mildew! A minimalistic look will allow no possible gaps and crevices for mold to build up on. You also don’t have to worry about wiping down for dust! Less stuff means lesser cleaning. Avoid all the clutters as we will give you storage like a bathtub niche or shelves, so you could be tidier with your hygienic products!


Window blinds are not so relaxing to sit by when they are down. We offer a privacy-based window treatment to allow natural sunlight to come in and make your bathtub experience more elegant. You are able to relax with a bath bomb and a book, or essentially whatever you feel intimate with when relaxing in your personal retreat.


A tub, and only a tub. The simplistic look in the after picture above means one thing; less stuff means less expenses! If you are on a budget, our simplistic modern bathtub will help you save and give your options to put your money elsewhere in your bathroom remodeling project.


Minimal objects mean maximized space. The spacious feel of our bathtub remodel designs for your bathroom remodel will give you a space for healthiness, happiness, and mindfulness.