Backyard Firepit

Backyard Firepit Construction Projects

As you can see this outdoor fireplace is going to be stunning! We installed state of the art drainage so there will be no need for the homeowner to cover it & the construction is so solid it will more than likely outlive their home.

The key to building an outdoor firepit that the homeowner will love is seating, convenience, and finding a reputable outdoor living home improvement contractor… As you can see this project will provide both a walkway to the outdoor firepit searing areal, but there is also ample seating space and how about hose tile and the height of the firepit…

Other Things To Consider When Designing Outdoor Firepit:

Permanent and Portable Outdoor Firepits – You can have a fire pit which is the focal point of your landscaped yard, or choose to have a lightweight portable fire pit which you can shift to anywhere you want as per your convenience. But you would need a surface such as stone, gravel, concrete, brick or slate to set your outdoor fire pit.

Gas or Wood – If you are looking for the authentic feel of a bonfire outdoors, firewood is the way to go. Gas/propane fires light instantly but do not have the same smoke or crackle of a wood fire. But these are a great option for modern or contemporary styles of fire pits.

Location – An experienced backyard firepit contractor can guide you in selecting the best location for your fire pit. This needs to be done keeping in mind the local fire department rules and regulations.

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