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A leaking roof is a homeowner’s nightmare. And why not? Your roof keeps you safe and provides shelter from weather extremes. But as it remains exposed to the elements, it can expand and contract according to the weather, leading to splits, cracks and water leakage. If you’re suffering from a roof leak issue, Hestia Home Services is the contractor you need.

As one of the leading roof repair and roof replacement services in Houston, we are experts in handling all kinds of roofs — be it wood shake, concrete tile, slate, asphalt, steel or metal. We are a BBB A+ rated company so you can rely on our technical expertise and skills to help you out of roof leakage problems.

Roof Leak Repair
For Excess Moisture

Your roof can be damaged when somehow there’s moisture seeping in gradually. The initial signs of damage may not be visible until finally the roof starts leaking. Regular maintenance and inspections can prevent the problems from worsening before it gets to this stage. But if your roof has started leaking already, it needs immediate repairs.

Leakage-related problems may arise due to issues in moisture or flashing barrier, or inefficiently installed backwater laps, head laps and so on. At Hestia Home Services, we have a team of skilled roofing experts who repair these problems with best-in-class products using the latest techniques. This ensures that the issues are fixed in the best way possible and their chances of recurrence are reduced significantly.

Damage From Disasters and Inclement Weather

Sometimes, due to hurricanes or storms, parts of your roof may be damaged severely. This is when cracks and leakage issues may develop. At Hestia Home Services, we carry out emergency repairs and replacements, using the best quality materials. We conduct all repairs according to Houston’s housing/roofing codes and best practice standards.

Client Testimonials

  • 5 star review  Dakota, Melissa, and Desiree were very responsive and great to work with. Joey did a great job keeping the project on schedule and keeping me informed of all changes in time and schedules.

    thumb Paul Buchanan
    January 15, 2020

    5 star review  The experience with Hestia and all the folks who worked on our project was very positive. Of course, as with any construction project, there will be frustrations. The key to a good vendor is not that there are problems, its how they address them. There were a couple of hiccups, but the folks at Hestia worked to correct them quickly and efficiently. All of the employees were polite, hard working and completed the work in a timely manner. I would recommend Hestia (and already have) and will use them again.

    thumb Kelvyn Stirk
    December 23, 2019

    5 star review  Really happy with all the work done. Kitchen looks wonderful great project manager in Will, kept me informed all the way through and dealt with any issue that I had.

    thumb Shona Cameron
    December 13, 2019
  • 5 star review  We could not be more pleased with the Hestia's work on our bathroom remodel. The work was excellent and the job was finished in a timely manner,no unexpected delays. Most outstanding was the ease of communication; our texts and phone calls were responded to immediately. The best experience with contractors we've had in our many years of homeowning.

    thumb Nancy Sheiman
    July 15, 2019

    5 star review  You know that thing where people are doing what they love and it shows in every aspect of their work? That’s what we found with Hestia. Not only are they passionate about transforming homes, they are so good at it. Hannah has this fresh eye for design and a gift for seeing hidden potential in spaces. Jesse knows all the nuts and bolts of the building side and can plan and execute Hannah’s vision to a tee. In the office, Melissa makes sure the paperwork and financial details are handled with a pleasant efficiency. Then Brian steps in and coordinates all the action with his precise command of all the details. And between the lot of them and their top-notch tradesmen, they get the job done, for the price quoted and within the time frame they promised. Boom. Tired, drab, 80’s exterior is now crisp, clean and modern-but-timeless. Most importantly, it’s mechanically sound. I can’t believe I get to live here. Very well done, Hestia, and many thanks to you.

    thumb Catherine Zappe
    April 11, 2019

Problems Arising Due to Lack of Maintenance

Your roof will eventually develop leakage issues if it’s not maintained properly. You should regularly inspect your roof and get small problems fixed to prevent them from getting worse. We are experts in identifying problems like ponding water, cracked caulk, buckling shingles, and rust spots, to name a few. These small repairs that we do add to the lifespan of your roof, making sure your roof lasts longer without needing major repairs or complete replacement, both of which are expensive affairs.

Ultimately, maintaining your roof on a regular basis will cost you less money, saving your roof from getting badly damaged and needing to call a roof leak repair contractor. In this case, it pays to remember that most insurance companies don’t pay for roof damage due to maintenance issues. Plus, maintenance and timely roof repairs can save your home from dreaded mold infestation. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have a professional roof repair contractor like Hestia to carry out periodic inspections on your roof. If you’re interested to know more, talk to our roofing specialists today!


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