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How to Remodel Your Kitchen with a Houston Remodeling Project
Publish Date
January 6, 2021

How to Remodel Your Kitchen with a Houston Remodeling Project

Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting undertaking. After all, the kitchen is the lifeblood of the home for most families. It is a place of congregation, convenience, and (not least of all) coffee.

It is a very important room. You cannot afford to waste time renovating it, even if it skyrockets the resale value of your home….. Or can you?

At Hestia Construction & Design, we provide a guaranteed completion date for your home remodeling Houston project that we adhere to. Here is a step-by-step guide with a few Houston remodeling ideas for your kitchen without breaking the bank or wasting your time!

Here are some considerations for your Houston Remodeling Project

Start With a Vision Board for your Houston Remodeling

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Before you undergo your free consultation with Hestia Construction & Design for your Houston remodeling project, compile all of your ideas into a rough draft. This is called the “kitchen sink” phase, where you throw everything and the kitchen sink at the wall and see what sticks.

From there, you and your Hestia specialist can work on paring down this grand vision into something that matches your needs and your family’s lifestyle. It is always better to have a wealth of inspiration to pull from if something goes wrong later down the line and a particular aesthetic or material is unachievable.

Do the Math

Before you begin charting out the path of your Houston remodeling, set a maximum top budget. This will be your non-negotiable, upper limit for spending when it comes to your Houston remodeling.

Then, set your priorities. You do not necessarily need to assign budgets to different portions or rooms in your project at this phase, but you should know how much more you are willing to spend on one room instead of another. This way, if you need to make decisions about projects to cut later, you will already have communicated your priorities to your project manager. Speaking of which…

Meet Your Houston Remodeling Specialist and Project Manager

The next step for your Houston remodeling project is to meet your specialist and project manager. At Hestia Home Services, communication is the backbone of our customer service. We pride ourselves on open availability for our clients to answer any questions that might arise throughout the project.

Working with the raw inspiration you had compiled earlier in the process, you and your new home remodeling team will begin bringing your vision to life in the real world with specs for new appliances, fixtures, or floorplans. 

Your project manager will help you set realistic expectations regarding pricing and budgeting both labor and materials for your project. They will also help establish a realistic timeline for accomplishing your project’s goals.

Create a Timeline with Your Project Manager for Your Houston Remodeling

Some Houston remodeling projects are less convenient than others. For example, it is much less of a hassle to renovate simply an island in your kitchen than it is to remodel the entirety of your kitchen. Because this room is vital to the everyday functioning of yourself and your family, your home renovation company must work as efficiently as possible to return your home to normalcy.

To do that, your project manager will work with you to craft a construction timeline that accommodates your family’s dynamic and changing needs. Keeping an open and honest dialogue with your contractor helps ensure that there are no unforeseen delays in the process and that you can return to your kitchen as quickly as possible.

Stock Materials and Price Ahead of Time

Before our Houston remodeling commences, Hestia Home Services specialists will assess the availability of materials and price them out for you ahead of time. This helps the project stay on time and chugging along without delay.

Often, contractors will begin a renovation without having first assembled the necessary materials. But this unnecessarily extends the remodeling process and costs our Houston clients money. After all, the way some contractors do business, they only get paid if they work on the project. Thus, they have a vested interest in extending the billable hours as long as possible.

Hestia Home Services does not conduct business in this fashion. At Hestia, you can count on a guaranteed project completion date that we intend to stick to. While unforeseen consequences may always arise throughout a project, Hestia Home Services minimizes delays from the outset.

The Hestia Difference

At Hestia Construction & Design, Houston remodeling is not just a job. It’s our way of life. We exceed our clients’ expectations every day, meeting at the intersection between high-quality craftsmanship and attentive customer service.We treat your home like it is our own, and we will attend to your needs like we do that of our own family. We do not take lightly the trust that clients place in our hands when we enter their homes, and as such, we are committed to conducting ourselves like professionals. We provide simple home remodeling in Houston to our neighbors at fair prices and with a smile. Contact us today to start your Houston Remodeling project.

How to Remodel Your Kitchen with a Houston Remodeling Project — Houston, Texas

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