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Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX
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November 11, 2020
Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX

Instead of moving into a larger home in a new neighborhood, more people choose home remodeling Austin TX to increase square footage. There are several ways you can add space to your existing home. Whether you need additional storage, an extra bedroom, or you want a private ensuite bathroom, you have lots of choices for home additions Austin. These ten ideas will give you a headstart on the planning process.  

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1. Carve Out an Extra Bathroom

A tiny bathroom can make a home feel cramped, even if all other public areas are spacious. Additionally, sharing the family bathroom with guests can add a whole other layer to keeping things neat and tidy. A small addition can easily house a beautiful and functional bathroom that is designed for private use. Make sure to work with a professional who has experience in room additions Austin to comply with applicable building and occupancy permits. 

2. Expand Your Kitchen

Many families rely on the kitchen as a place for much more than preparing meals. It tends to be a central hub in most households. That, coupled with the excellent ROI on kitchen remodeling investments, makes it a prime candidate when considering home remodeling Austin TX.   

3. Add a Dormer

Dormers add space to rooms with sloped ceilings, allowing you to carve liveable space out of areas that would otherwise only be suitable for storage. They are an excellent choice for adding space to an attic room. As a bonus, a dormer enhances the curb appeal by breaking up the roofline and adding interest.  


4. Remodel the Attic

The attic is an excellent source of untapped space in a home. In many cases, you can refinish them into bedrooms, living areas, or a home office without changing a house’s exterior structure. That helps keep you home remodeling Austin TX project with a reasonable budget. There are certain restrictions regarding access and ceiling height, so be sure to check with a professional about the suitability of an attic remodeling project before you get too far into it. 

5. Utilize the Garage

Attached garages have become more popular in homes since the middle of the last century. If your home has a garage, you have a nearly-complete room that is ready to be finished. You can choose to maintain the exterior appearance or enclose the space with windows depending on your design preferences and budget. 

6. Use Detached Buildings

Sometimes when you need extra space, home remodeling Austin TX may help by using detached buildings to create liveable space. This may consist of adding a second story to a detached garage or adding a backyard office or home gym. Separate buildings allow you to increase square footage while still maintaining a sense of privacy in the addition. 

7. Build Up  

Not every home has an attic that can be converted into living areas. However, adding a second story can be a cost-efficient way to add a large amount of space. A builder with experience in home additions Austin can help you decide if your home can handle a second story’s added strain. 

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8. Rethink the Laundry Area

Laundry rooms have long been an afterthought. However, they can be an attractive and functional part of a home. Incorporate your laundry area into a mudroom where supplies like shoes, coats and outdoor gear can be stored to free up extra space in the rest of the house. 

9. Enclose Outdoor Spaces

A covered porch or patio can be converted into a sunroom without taking away from your home’s exterior appearance. That makes enclosing existing outdoor living areas a great home remodeling Austin TX project to increase square footage and allow for year-round use. 

10. Finish the Basement

If your home has a basement, you’re sitting on top of useable space. Finishing it and ensuring appropriate access points can double the amount of living space in your home without a single change to the exterior. That makes it an affordable alternative to room additions Austin.  

Work With Experts in Home Remodeling Austin TX 

When considering a home remodeling or addition project in the Autin TX area, the remodeling professionals at Hestia Construction & Design can help. We have a dedicated team of experts that provide valuable services to ensure your project is completed to your specifications the first time. To learn more, contact us online, or by phone at (832) 399-2060. 

Increase Your Home’s Square Footage With These 10 Amazing Ideas for Home Remodeling Austin TX | Hestia Construction & Design — Houston, Texas


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