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Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans
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August 11, 2020
Home Remodeling Houston: Benefits of Open Floor Plans

You’ve probably been studying floor plans if you are completing a home remodeling Houston project. Floor plans are important to home renovations because they influence everything from construction costs to contractor choices.

If you’re in the design phase of your home renovation, you’re likely considering the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open floor plans. Open floor plans are more popular than closed floor plans and can give your home a modern feel that is ideal for entertaining and socializing with family. Closed floor plans are common in traditional homes and separate the main rooms of the house with doors or walls. While there may be some disadvantages to open floor plans, there are many more benefits to enjoy. Read below to find out if an open floor plan is the best choice for your home renovation:

Open Floor Plan

What Is an Open Floor Plan?

Homes with an open floor layout have one large room that forms a single living space. Generally, open floor plans combine the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one single living space. The large living space is often referred to as the ‘great room.’ This type of floor plan is common in smaller homes that have less square footage. Homes with more space will often have two or more great rooms on different levels of the house.

Open Floor Advantages

Open floor layouts are very popular in home renovations and new builds. Many people desire a home where they can easily entertain friends and complete multiple daily activities in one space. Open floor plans are modern and sophisticated and enable families to spend lots of time together. Read below for some additional advantages of choosing an open floor plan for your home renovation project:

  • Make spaces feel larger: Small homes with closed floor plans often feel cramped. Open concept layouts make your home feel larger because no walls or doors are restricting the space.
  • Enable maximum furniture: Open floor plans allow homeowners to purchase a lot of furniture and use their creativity when arranging pieces. You can create a space with plenty of seating to allow for entertaining.
  • Allow you to watch your kids: If you are a parent of a small child, you know how important safety is. Open layouts allow you to keep an eye on your child playing in the living room while you’re cooking in the kitchen or doing laundry.
  • Maximize resale potential: Open floor plans are very popular with modern homebuyers. Your home may even sell faster and for your full asking price in the future if you opt for an open concept layout.
  • Allow for entertaining: Open floor plans are ideal for entertaining. Hosts can comfortably communicate with guests while prepping food in the kitchen, making the party more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Promote a modern aesthetic: Most modern home designs have an open concept layout. If you want to update a more traditional home, knock down the walls, and create an open floor plan.
  • Promote natural light: Fewer walls in your home allow natural sunlight to penetrate every room of the house, making the entire environment brighter and more appealing. Natural light makes the home feel larger, too. 
Open Floor Advantages

Open layouts are a great choice for home renovations Houston. Consider calling us to help you create the extra space you’ve been wanting. Not only can this benefit you and your family, but your guests will also have more space to create more memories with you.

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