Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are fairly low maintenance, while coarse tiles such as slate, marble, granite, or limestone require individualized care and often specific cleaners. How to Clean Tile Floors: Ceramic, Stone, Vinyl, and More (bhg.com)

Sweep or vacuum your tile floors regularly to keep them from getting dull. Ceramic tiles may be resistant to dirt, but sand and grit can dull the glazed surfaces. Clean tile with mild detergent and water using a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a sponge mop. Be sure to change the water frequently while mopping. If your tiles look hazy even after cleaning, you might be dealing with soapy residue. Remove the film with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. You could also try a homemade cleaner with mild acid (such as fresh lemon juice) on ceramic or porcelain tiles (but never on stone tiles). Don’t let your glazed tile floors air-dry as the sitting water will form water spots. Dry the floor with a clean, lint-free cloth immediately after washing.

The real secret to a great-looking tile floor is clean grout. Because grout is porous and absorbs grease and other stains, it can be tricky to keep clean. Here’s how to get your grout to look new:

  • Make a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Rub it on the stain, let it sit overnight, then scrub the stain in the morning with a stiff nylon brush (don’t use metal brushes). Repeat as necessary.
  • Apply a silicone-based sealer to the grout to repel future stains. This works best when done 10-14 days after the grout is installed or renewed.
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