Drain Cleaning

Cautionary advice about using store-bought drain unblocking fluids, most of which contain very strong chemicals. Even though they say they are not dangerous to pipes, this may be generally true for one-time use, but they tend to gradually destroy any metal in the system over time.

  • Prevention is the best cure. A good solution is to rinse well often. Hot water goes a long way to help. Once a week or so, use a stopper to close the drain, fill up the sink or tub with hot water, then let it rush down the drain all at once. The large volume of hot water will fill the drainpipe and rinse it better, flushing build-up away.
  • Use Bleach. Pour a cup or two down a drain and leave it sitting overnight before washing it down. It will help degrease the P-trap (U shaped pipe under the sink, tub, or shower) and isn’t hazardous to the pipes. Just use as normal the next day, and it flushes away. Do the bleach trick once a month or as needed and rinse thoroughly, and you shouldn’t have an issue. As usual, with bleach, be careful.
  • Strainers and filters. You can buy various types depending on the situation, and some work better than others. These can be kind of a pain when they clog and have need to be cleaned, but they might help to prevent further issues.
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