Matte/Flat Finish Paint

Matte Finish paint (also commonly called Flat paint) are the least shiny of all the paint finishes. Flat paint is regularly used as builder grade paint, but can also be purchased in higher-quality premium paints. Not all flat paint is created equal. 

Due to the lack of sheen on flat paint, it will easily cover imperfections not only in application, but also on walls. Nail holes and floating issues are more easily covered with a flat paint than a shinier finish. The problem with flat paint is its very low durability. It is the least durable type of finish for a paint. Flat paint will be damaged by cleaners (and sometimes even simple water depending on the grade). Despite it’s lower durability, many home builders will use flat paint in the whole house because it is easier to cover by painting over and it is cheaper to apply as it can be watered down to put in a spray gun. Flat paints are recommended for low-traffic areas and areas that won’t be touched such as dining rooms and ceilings.

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