Waterfall Profile Edge/Triple Pencil Edge

A waterfall edge is one way to design a countertop edge. Waterfall edges contain 3 convex arches that combine to create a tiered look. Waterfall edges are not to be confused with cove ogee edges/royal edges, which contain 2 concave arches followed by a convex arch. 

Waterfall edges are used in traditional and old-world style kitchens and are very expensive due to the multiple processes necessary to create them. Waterfall edges have an ornate design with multiple arches. Waterfall edges are more detailed than dupont or ogee edges due to the multiple layers. This type of edge has a multi-tiered look that bring a unique character to any design. Waterfall edges can be cut into granite, marble, and concrete. The drawback to waterfall edge is the very high price tag associated with the design. This edge design is very labor intensive to apply to countertops and as a result is one of the most expensive edges available. However, homeowners will often choose this edge to add a unique and appealing look to their design, especially if price is not a consideration. Waterfall edges can also be created using a router on woodwork and moldings to create a cohesive look throughout a space.

Chiseled Edge - Hestia Home Services
Chiseled Edge - Hestia Home Services
Chiseled Edge - Hestia Home Services
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