Waterfall Edge Countertop

This is a special way to finish a countertop on the edge of cabinet or on an island. A waterfall edge countertop flows from a horizontal orientation then changes to go vertically to the floor at the edge of the cabinets. It is a seamless way to continue the beauty of the countertop and highlight a particular space. 

Waterfall edge countertops are becoming more and more popular in kitchen design as it highlights one of the more expensive and beautiful aspects of a kitchen, the countertop. Waterfall edges can also be used to create a tabletop or bar area for eating. Some homeowners choose to do an asymmetrical waterfall countertop on their island. Which means that only one side of the countertop has the waterfall feature. Despite the additional cost, and precision necessary to get the countertop flush with the cabinets, many homeowners choose to add this feature to their kitchens.


Waterfall Edge Countertop - Hestia Home Services
Waterfall Edge Countertop - Hestia Home Services
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