Straight Edge/Equare Edge

A straight edge is one of the many ways to design a countertop. This design has all edges at a 90 degree angle. Straight edge countertops are used in a variety of kitchen styles.

Straight Edges, despite the name, are not a straight 90 degrees. Oftentimes, manufacturers will very slightly round the edges to preserve the safety of the countertop and prevent injury from scratching however the sides are still 90 degrees from each other and the edges are very close to a point. Very rarely are straight edge countertops completely pointed on the edge. When they are, it is because the medium works better with that type of angle. Stainless steel countertops, which are fitted over wood, work very well to provide a perfect, pointed 90 degree angle. This type of edge has a modern flair that works well in contemporary- and modern-styled kitchens. It is also the most cost effective choice for a countertop edge.


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