Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone counters are created from a metamorphic rock known as soapstone. This natural rock is a bit softer than other stone countertops due to the large amount of talc in the composition. 

Soapstone acquired its name from the fact that a high amount of talc in the composition gives it a similar texture to soap. Soapstone countertops are still used in kitchens, despite the disparity in strength because of the beautiful colors. Most varieties come in dark gray or green and have lighter colored veins running through. A unique feature about soapstone is that it will obtain a deeper color over time. It is stain-resistant and spill-resistant, but due to the soft nature of soapstone, it will scratch more easily compared to other solid stone countertops. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to some other stone countertops. It needs to be treated with a mineral oil on a regular basis so the stone can maintain its new appearance. Soapstone does not require additional maintenance other than the mineral oil, which makes it a popular choice for maintenance-conscious homeowners.

Soapstone Countertop - Hestia Home Services
Soapstone Countertop - Hestia Home Services
Soapstone Countertop - Hestia Home Services
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