Quartzite counters are made from a metamorphic rock which was originally quartz sandstone. The rock goes through an intense heat and pressure process that turns it into quartzite. Natural quartzite countertops are harder than granite and, as a result, will retain their beauty and last longer. 

Quartzite countertops are not to be confused with quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are considered engineered stone because they are created by mixing ground quartz and resin. A quartzite countertop is a solid stone slab. Quartzite counters have a distinct veining patter that goes from solid to crystalline in appearance (very much like marble or granite). They are very strong and durable. Quartzite countertops are also stain, heat (unlike quartz which is susceptible to heat), fire, scratch, and etch resistant. In addition to all the above features, quartzite counters are extremely low maintenance. There are a few downsides to quartzite counters in comparison to engineered quartz counters. Unlike engineered quartz countertops, quartzite countertops will need to be properly sealed in order to maintain moisture resistance. Quartzite is also limited in color choice typically ranging from white to gray with slight color variations. Quartzite counters are also harder to customize the shape. Depending on the slab chosen, quartzite can be more or less expensive than quartz countertops. Quartzite countertops typically range from $70 to $200 a square foot. Both quartz and quartzite require professional installation.

Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
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