Marble Countertop

Unlike granite (which is an igneous rock), marble is a metamorphic rock. Marble countertops are known for being both beautiful and expensive. However, many people still decide to use them as kitchen counter material. The downfall of marble is the extreme amount of care necessary to keep it clean. Being a metamorphic rock makes marble a porous stone and, as such, is highly susceptible to staining. Marble countertops require regular sealant and proper care in order to stay sanitary and stain free. Lack or care will lead to the countertops being quickly and easily stained. 

Despite the drawbacks some homeowners still choose to use marble countertops in their kitchens because of the sheer beauty of the rock. Marble has a unique color that is comprised of a solid color with contrasting veins running throughout. It is just as strong as other stone-based countertops. If homeowners want the look of marble without the extensive care necessary to maintain it, they may opt for cultured marble. Cultured marble countertops are custom creations that incorporate sealant and resin properties to reduce maintenance. However, due to the custom nature of cultured marble, the cost is just as high as a standard marble countertop.

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Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
Quartzite - Hestia Home Services
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