Laminate Countertop

Unlike solid rock, engineered stone, and synthetic solid surface countertops, laminate countertops are considered by many homeowners to be inferior products. Laminate countertops are comprised of MDF board covered in a printed laminate veneer. 

The benefits of laminate countertops are many, but the drawbacks are just as strong. Laminate countertops average around $29 a square foot, far below the cost of any other countertop material, and come in innumerable textures and patterns to imitate every different type of countertop material. Laminate countertops are also heat resistant up to 400 degrees and are non-porous. The non-porous surface on a laminate countertop cleans spills with ease and does not stain. They are also very durable being able to handle pots dropping on them without breaking or damaging the look. The drawbacks are not as numerous but are very important. Laminate countertops are considered to be inferior by almost all home buyers. If you ever plan on selling your home, a laminate countertop could scare off many buyers and increase the time your home is on the market. The other smaller drawback is the fact that laminate countertops are highly susceptible to cuts and knives can damage them easily. Despite the lower resale value of laminate countertops, many homeowners still choose to use this countertop material because of the low cost and high durability.

Marble Countertop - Hestia Home Services
Marble Countertop - Hestia Home Services
Marble Countertop - Hestia Home Services
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