Granite is a solid natural stone used by many for kitchen countertops. In its natural state, granite has a distinctive texture and appearance. However, once cut and polished, granite countertops are smooth and beautiful. Granite is an igneous rock that contains at least 20% quartz. The natural color of granite depends on the minerals composing it, but it is usually gray or pink. Granite is not only beautiful; it is strong too. 

Despite the high cost of granite countertops, many people choose to use them because of the benefits granite offers. A granite countertop does not require the use of trivets or hot pads because the stone is heat resistant. Another benefit is the fact that granite is non-porous. This means that not only does it resist mold and mildew but stains as well. The non-porous feature also means that it does not require a sealant and can be easily cleaned. Granite does not absorb chemical cleaners and, as a result, will not be damaged by them. Like many other countertop surfaces, granite countertops can have its edges finished in decorative ways, with different bevels and bullnose patterns.

Granite - Hestia Home Services
Granite - Hestia Home Services
Granite - Hestia Home Services
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