Engineered Stone/Quartz Countertops

Engineered stone/Quartz countertops are composed of crushed stone and polymer resin. Engineered stone is typically used as a cheaper alternative to solid stone. Because it is not a single shaped, solid piece of stone, engineered stone gives the durability and visual look of natural stone at a much more reasonable price. Engineered stone also weighs less than solid stone and is fire resistant like solid stone. A popular brand name of Engineered stone is Silestone. Quartz countertops, while incorporating quartz in the composition, are not 100% quartz. They are quartz and resin, making quartz countertops an engineered stone. Engineered Stone and quartz countertops are regularly used interchangeably though there are some types of engineered stone that are not made from quartz. 

Other names people have used for Engineered Stone Countertops is geopolymers and cast stone. However, despite the similarities in composition between these 3 materials, engineered stone is the only name used for the stone/resin composition used in kitchen countertops. Engineered stone comes in as many color varieties as natural stone and can range from $60-150 per square foot. 

Butcher block - Hestia Home Services
Butcher block - Hestia Home Services
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