Cove Ogee edge/Royal Edge

A cove ogee edge/Royal edge is one way to design the edge of a countertop. This design has a concave arch for the first ¼ of the edge followed by another concave arch that continues to the ¾ mark and finally a convex arch on the last ¼ of the edge. Cove Ogee edges/Royal Edges are found in traditional and old-world style kitchen designs. 

Cove Ogee edges/Royal Edges have an ornate design with multiple arches. Cove ogee edges/Royal Edges are more detailed than normal ogee edges. This type of edge has a multi-tiered look that bring a unique character to any design. Cove Ogee edges/Royal Edges can be cut into granite, marble, and concrete. The drawback to cove ogee edges/royal edges is the very high price tag associated with the design. This edge design is very labor intensive to apply to countertops and as a result is one of the most expensive edges available. However, homeowners will often choose this edge to add a unique and appealing look to their design, especially if price is not a consideration. Cove Ogee edges/Royal Edges can also be created using a router on woodwork and moldings to create a cohesive look throughout a space.

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