Cove Edge

 cove edge on a counter has an edge that is a concave arch which ends 1/2 of the way down the edge. A cove edge is similar to the ½ bevel edge in that the alteration to the edge ends one-half of the way down the side edge. The difference is that a cove edge has a concave arch cut into the edge of the countertop instead of a straight edge. 

Cove edges are not difficult to accomplish, however, they are not as commonly used as bullnose or straight edge. Due to the straight, clean lines on the edges, it often work well in modern designs which can sometimes be described as almost sterile in appearance. The drawback of a cove edge is the sharp edges that can be a safety issue for younger children. The cove edge can also be easily incorporated into woodwork, moldings, and furniture in order to create a cohesive design in a space.

Cove Edge - Hestia Home Services
Cove Edge - Hestia Home Services
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