Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets – Shaker style cabinets are a very popular form of cabinetry. They have simple, but attractive design that works with any design aesthetic. Shaker style cabinets use recessed doors with 90-degree angles and minimal to no adornments. They typically feature light finishes and simplistic hardware.
Shaker style cabinets are so named because they imitate the furniture designed by the Shakers. Shakers were known for being skilled craftsmen and carpenters. Many shaker style cabinets are built using hardwood to replicate the high-quality materials they are named after. As shaker style cabinets have become more popular, prefabricated cabinets using veneer panels have started to be produced. Depending on your kitchen style, shaker cabinets can use natural or light finishes and can even be distressed to emulate an aged appearance. Wooden knobs work well with shaker style cabinets because they pair with the simple features.

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