Recessed Panel Cabinet Door

Recessed Panel Cabinet Door – A recessed panel cabinet door is a door that has a slightly depressed center panel. This center panel is often comprised of a thinner wood than other types of cabinets or door.
The center panel on a recessed panel cabinet door is just a little lower than the surrounding cabinet door frame. The thinner center panel is often made from alternative materials because they need to be thinner than the rest of the door. They can be made with solid wood but use veneer center panels. This allows the center panel to occupy the recessed area without changing the finished appearance of the natural wood. Recessed panel doors can be made in many different finishes and styles. They can incorporate arches or 90-degree angles. Sometimes glass or metal is used in place of the veneer center panel to add an interesting and unique appearance that work with different design aesthetics. It is even possible to add a beveled trim on the recessed doors. Matching drawers are also available to create a cohesive design in the space.

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