Modular Cabinets

Modular cabinets – Modular cabinets are prefabricated cabinets that can be used individually for a specific purpose. Modular cabinets can sometimes be called semi-custom cabinets, though this term is not commonly used for this type of cabinet. Examples of modular cabinets include curio cabinets, garage cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. They can even be used to create additional workspace in a kitchen or organize pantries.
These prefabricated cabinets are often made from quality materials like solid wood, medium density fiberboard, and steel. Modular cabinets also cost less than custom cabinets. Modular cabinet units are not attached to other cabinet units. The benefit of modular cabinets is that they can be put anywhere in a room. They can be ceiling mounted to save floor space, stacked on counters, or placed on the floor. Modular cabinets are made in many different dimensions and with multiple finishes to allow purchasers to pick a cabinet that fits their design aesthetic.

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