Framed Cabinets

Framed Cabinets – Framed cabinets (or Face framed cabinets) are cabinets that have visible or slightly concealed structural frames. Framed cabinet boxes were the original design used in North America. This was due in large part to the common use of exposed hinges. However, hinge design advancements have removed the structural need for a frame, allowing for the construction of both framed and unframed cabinet boxes. Framed cabinets require the overlay measurements to make certain cabinet doors are uniform.
Despite the availability of frameless cabinets, framed cabinets are still very common and regularly used in remodeling projects. The style is easily recognizable by the visible trim board that is used to create stability in the cabinet box. Due to the structural nature of the trim boards, they are often made of hardwood, even if the rest of the cabinet box is made with engineered wood. The benefit of framed cabinets over frameless cabinets is the sides of the cabinets can be made from less structural, and therefore less expensive, materials. Frameless cabinets require high quality materials throughout in order to maintain stability and quality. The one disadvantage of framed cabinets is the trim board will regularly interfere with access to some items in the cabinet.

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