European Style Cabinets

European Style Cabinets – European Style Cabinets refer to a modular type of cabinet that is popular in European countries. In Europe, it is common for people to own their kitchen cabinets even if they are just renting their house, flat, or apartment. Having the cabinets in a modular style allow them to take the cabinets with them when they move. Because cabinets stay with owners, they are often highly personalized. The modular design is important because kitchen sizes vary drastically in Europe and the cabinets need to be adaptable and versatile to accommodate needs.
European style cabinets use hidden hinges. This feature is used so frequently in European style cabinets that all cabinets with hidden hinges are referred to as European style. European cabinets are also almost always frameless, which aids in maximizing storage space while minimizing weight. They also feature modern styling with horizontal grains.

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