Custom Cabinet

Custom Cabinet – Custom cabinets are cabinets built to fit a unique size, shape, or room. These cabinets are measured and created from scratch specifically for one area. They can be on the floor or ceiling depending on the needs of the homeowner.
Custom cabinets are built by a professional carpenter or cabinet maker to exact measurements to fit only in the area they will be used. These cabinets may need to be taller than a standard cabinet or fit in a narrower space than standard sizes. They many even be designed and built to work around obstacles. Some carpenters/cabinet makers will measure and then build the cabinets off site at a remote workshop while others will build the cabinets on site to make sure they are fitting properly while they are building. Despite the fact that most cabinets come in prefabricated (or stock) sizes, custom cabinets offer options to fit any design or space. The nature of the custom cabinets allow for various different materials to be used in their construction including glass, tin, or wood doors.

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