Bridge Cabinet

Bridge Cabinet – A bridge cabinet is cabinet storage that fills space between 2 separated wall cabinets. Bridge cabinets are typically used over sinks, refrigerators, and stoves.
Bridge cabinets can help add storage to a small space in a visually appealing way. These cabinets are used to fill spaces that a standard size cabinet might not fit. A bridge cabinet is typically less than 30 inches tall. Bridge cabinets are typically placed near the ceiling and are not always easy to reach, but they are great for storing extra cups, cookbooks, and infrequently used small appliances. Bridge cabinets are used for creating a continuous look in the kitchen in an area where a full size cabinet will not fit. These cabinets are attached to the adjacent cabinets and the ceiling. This type of cabinet is also used in bathrooms, offices, and laundry rooms to provide a shorter cabinet near the ceiling for additional storage.

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