Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to provide my own architectural plans?

A: We are a full-service design and build firm, offering a value-added service to provide up to 3 renderings for customer to help visualize the space, relieving the clients of the hassle of providing renderings on their own. Our conceptual and construction design packages are available to assist you with creating your architectural plans.

Q: Does Hestia offer assistance with guidance for spatial planning?

A: Yes, Hestia prides itself on being a full-service firm that helps guide clients through the entire remodeling process to ensure that the client’s project exceeds their expectations. Our design plans include an option for both a conceptual design and a construction design depending on your needs and the type of renovation.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: There are different ways to make your payment based on your needs. You can make a payment over the phone with our office using a credit card or e-check or you may request a payment link via email to input the payment information directly.

Q: How does Hestia handle the material selection process?

A: Hestia offers all clients an allowance and freedom to choose the materials that they want to use from any vendor. We do not limit our clients to a set of selections, thus allowing them the freedom of choice and budget when it comes to their project. We do provide a material selection budget to assist you in finding selections that allow you to remain within your desired investment.

Q: Who will be making my material selections?

A: Your interior designer will assist you with selecting the correct materials. However, the final decision in all material selections is yours. If you opted out of using our interior designer, you are responsible for choosing your materials and fixtures. This is done by uploading the product number, item description, and/or an item image to your BuilderTrend portal under the “selections” tab. Further assistance will be provided by your Onboarding Coordinator.

Q: Who will be making my material purchases?

A: Our Purchasing Specialist will be responsible for sourcing and purchasing your material selections as they are needed for the specific phases of your project. Please keep in mind that materials are not ordered at the time of selection. Thus, if you are looking at holiday sale prices, the price could change by the time the material needs to be ordered.

Q: Am I only allowed to use your preferred vendors for material selections?

A: No. You may go anywhere you choose, as long as the item(s) is within your material allowance. If your material allowance is exceeded, a material overage change order will be provided for approval. The material allowance gives our clients the freedom to find the perfect selection for their renovation project without limiting them to a specific vendor that may or may not have the product they are imagining in their space.

Q: Who do I contact throughout my project?

A: You will be kept updated as your project progresses and your point of contact changes from your Onboarding Coordinator to your Execution Engineer based on the phase the project is in.

Q: Should I be concerned if there is no one at my home every day during the duration of my project?

A: No, just because we are not there physically working does not mean we are not still behind the scenes working to ensure your project is completed by the estimated completion date. Please refer to your project schedule in your BuilderTrend Portal. If you have any questions, our management team is here to assist you.

Q: Do I have to be present at my home while work is being done?

A: No, we will provide a lockbox for our crew to gain access to your property.

Q: What are Hestia’s hours of operation?

A: Our typical office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. However, these hours can be affected by holidays.

Q: How much does a project like this usually cost?

A: Project cost varies by type of project, materials chosen, and project needs. A basic bathroom remodel will cost considerably less than a full home remodel. It is difficult to price any project over the phone as design aesthetic and quality of materials changes for each project. A basic bathroom with a modular cabinet and basic tile will cost much less than a full bathroom remodeling project where we are changing the exiting configuration. Our Renovation Specialists are trained to provide a proposal based on your needs, budget, and design aesthetic

Q: How soon would we be able to start the project following my consultation? / When do we start?

A: Hestia employs an exclusive process designed to make your project as stress-free as possible. The first step is the consultation. After a proposal is signed and approved, your project moves into the Onboarding Phase. During this phase you will be working with your Onboarding Coordinator to get your project ready for construction. This involves meeting with our Cabinet Specialist, Architectural Designer, and Interior Designer, as well as submitting all required permits. Behind the scenes, your Planning Engineer is working to schedule the construction team and vendors. After Onboarding is completed, the Construction Phase begins. This is where the actual work is taking place in your home. The amount of time this process takes varies depending on the size and scope of the project, however, we estimate 10-12 weeks before construction begins once you have approved your proposal.

Q: How long does a project like this usually take? / What is the Duration of my project?

A: Project duration is a very common question and can vary drastically by the type of project and current events. A bathroom renovation will take considerably less time than a full home remodeling project. A kitchen with prefabricated cabinets will take less time than a kitchen with semi-custom or custom cabinets. Current events can also affect construction times. It was never expected that the pandemic would last as long as it has or affect so many areas of the construction industry. A typical bathroom remodel can take as long as 3 months due to current shortages of labor and materials. Hestia works to make sure you are kept informed of what is happening on your project and mitigate delays. We ensure you have all the contacts necessary if you have any questions during your renovation.

Q: Can I purchase some of my own materials if I have found things I like online?

A: Yes. You can absolutely purchase any of the materials you want. These are called “client supplied” materials. They can be used as a credit toward your material budget (if the item(s) chosen is given a material budget in your proposal) or be omitted and simply charged for installation if the material(s) is not included in the original proposal.

Q: Can we do the proposal virtually or does this have to be in person?

A: Hestia believes in high-quality personal service. We recommend and encourage our clients to come to the office to see the full proposal for your project. However, if you need to have a virtual proposal, we can accommodate your needs. We can meet with you virtually and explain each piece of the proposal.

Q: You can’t just come out and give us a quote?

A: Providing an accurate quote is not as simple as some less circumspect contractors would have you believe. We believe that an accurate proposal takes time and expertise. We do not quote on-site because this can lead to gross underquoting that can result in a massive increase in expenditures when the project begins. It is our intention to provide an accurate and comprehensive quote from the beginning of the project, so our clients know how much a project will cost from the moment a project starts. This helps prevent hidden fees from showing up mid project.

Q: Can I have another company do a portion of the job if I get a better price from them?

A: Unfortunately, no. Hestia is a full-service home remodeling firm. We provide everything from design to completion and offer a 6-month warranty on all our work. If another company were to work on various aspects of a project, it could/would compromise the high-quality construction that Hestia prides itself on providing. It could also void the warranty provided by Hestia if the work we completed was affected by something another contractor did.

Q: Can we get our selections anywhere or do we have to go where you recommend?

A: You are not required to use our preferred vendors. These vendors are given to you because they have a relationship with Hestia and provide excellent service. You may go anywhere you choose, as long as the item(s) is within your material allowance. If your material allowance is exceeded, a material overage change order will be provided for approval.

Q: How long do permits take to get?

A: Permitting duration can vary greatly depending on several factors. Standard permitting takes approximately 4 weeks, however, a larger scope, more involved renovation may take up to 3 months to receive approved permits. Regardless of how long the permitting process takes, it is our goal to keep you informed of the process as best as possible.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Hestia has been in business since 2017! Throughout the years, Hestia’s commitment to customer service has remained unchanged. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Call our office at 832-399-2060 for any assistance.

Q: Do you have any pictures or recent projects?

A: Absolutely! The Portfolio page on our website (as well as all the other pages on our website) are constantly being updated with recent projects. Our YouTube channel has some videos showing our favorite projects. Here are some links so you can see these fabulous projects!

YouTube Channel:

Portfolio page:

Q: Will my proposal be itemized and showed line items with the cost of my project and all aspects, so I know where my money is going?

A: Your proposal will list in detail all the work and materials included in your project. However, only the materials will be given a specific, itemized budget for you to select your materials from. The general labor for the job is grouped into one labor cost to complete the whole project. This allows us to find the best contractors available and give you the highest-quality work.

Q: What is a change order?

A: This is a change to your original contract’s scope of work or cost. These changes can include adding more work or a change in the original quoted price due to cost increases or purchasing more materials to add to the scope of work. Change orders also occur when a client chooses to select materials that are overbudget. While our renovation specialists try to estimate the exact cost of many items, it is impossible to know exactly which materials a client will choose to use in their home. Many clients discover they love a more expensive tile, countertop, or cabinets than were originally quoted. When this occurs, Hestia creates a change order for the difference in price. The cost of a change order is due immediately upon approval of the change order. There is a 20% change order fee associated with any change orders that need to be created.