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    When it comes to exterior remodeling Austin, TX, Hestia Construction and Design, your Austin exterior remodeling contractor, has the experience and skills necessary to bring your vision to life. Austin has beautiful neighborhoods and is right there in the hill country. For years, we have been helping the people of Austin,  taking the beauty of Austin outdoor living to a whole new level. Contact us today at 832-399-2060 to talk to set up an appointment with one of our renovation specialists at your home. You can visit us at 31 Navasota St. STE 150, Austin, TX 78702, by appointment only, and we will be delighted to discuss your plans at our office. We love showing the exterior renovations we have done with other homes in the community. Our service and designs have received exemplary recognition since the inception of our company.

    Award-Winning Customer Service

    Hestia Construction and Design is proud of the fact that we provide unparalleled customer service and communication for each and every client. We work hard to keep you informed throughout every phase of your remodeling project. From proposal to completion, customer service is our #1 priority. At Hestia, we are always here to help make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. Our service team has been given multiple awards over the years including:


        • 2022 Best of Austin Finalist from the Austin Chronicle
        • Back to back winners! 2022 and 2021 Top 15 Best Remodeling Contractors in Austin by
        • Multi-year winners! Winner of the 2022, 2021, and 2020 Best of Houzz Service Award
        • Winner of the BBB 2020 Award for Excellence
        • Back to back winners! Winner of the 2019 and 2018 BBB Gold Star Award
        • HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award
        • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Compan

    Find out what our Austin, TX clients have to say about our Exterior Home Remodeling

    Absolutely love working with Hestia Construction! They are very knowledgeable and fun to work with! I mostly work with Melissa and she’s amazing! Totally recommend them for any home remodeling projects you may have.

    Jonathan Varona

    Design and installation went really well. Even though we were working during the beginning of COVID, items arrived timely and everything was completed on time. Six months later I had some issues with leaks, and Eli and Hestia were able to get repairs completed in a timely manner.

    Monica Ortale

    Working with Desmond from Hestia has been great. He always make sure invoices are in and paid on time. He always answers when I have questions about the scope of work to mitigate any delays.

    Eloy Martinez

    We are thrilled to have been a part of dream home renovations for families all around Austin and the surrounding communities. Years ago, the exterior of the home was not as high of a priority, and many people cared more about the interior comforts of the home. However, the increase in popularity of outdoor living and working from home have created a desire for a more comfortable outdoor space in many homes. Your home can change with the changing times. There is no need to uproot your family from their established community simply to make the outside more comfortable. Hestia Construction & Design can take your outdated outdoor space and turn it into an oasis of relaxation or the perfect outdoor office. 

    Here at Hestia Construction and Design, our experts provide many different services outside of exterior remodeling in Austin, TX, including:

    •   Kitchen Remodeling
    •   Bathroom Remodeling
    •   Room Additions
    •   Full Home Remodeling
    bathroom remodeling project in Austin

    Services that we offer in the Austin, TX Area

    Many different factors go into an exterior remodeling project in Austin, TX. Here at Hestia Construction and Design, we can turn your current exterior space into an outdoor living space that you love. Exterior remodeling is all about adding a space that feels like an extension of your home. It optimizes your entertaining space and allows you to work from home in the comfort of your backyard. Hestia Construction & Design works with more than just exterior remodeling ideas, we have the expertise to help you with renovations in every part of your home.

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Imagine what a kitchen remodeling project in Austin, TX could do for your home… a better place to entertain, a more effective use of space, or a more modern design aesthetic. Your kitchen can become your favorite room in the house with a simple remodeling project. Whether you prefer a warm, traditional design or a sleek, sexy modern twist, our experts can design the perfect space for your family. Hestia Construction & Design can help bring your ideal kitchen to life!

    Bathroom Remodeling

     Bathroom remodeling in Austin, TX is often thought of as only necessary for larger spaces.  However, even a small bathroom could benefit from bathroom remodeling ideas. Adding seamless shower glass can make a small space seem larger. Upgrading to a more space efficient sink and toilet can provide extra square footage in tight spaces. Even if you have an oversized bathroom, you could turn it from drab and boring into a relaxing, spa-like retreat! Whether you have an undersized or oversized bathroom space you want to revamp, Hestia has the experience to make the most of your space.

    Room Additions 

     Room additions happen in Austin, TX for many reasons. A growing family, parents aging in place, or needing a work-from-home office could all be reasons to  expand your home to fit your needs. A home purchased 20 to 30 years ago can rarely keep up with your needs for today. Even 10 years can make a difference in a family! Hestia Construction and Design can help you create a space you love and fits your needs.

    Full Home Remodeling

    Perhaps your home needs more improvement than just a single room.  You may opt for full home remodeling in your Austin, TX home. Our experts can change the layout and space in your whole home to ensure you get the home of  your dreams. Selling your home and trying to find the “perfect” home is not always possible and often requires that you uproot your family from a neighborhood and schools they love. A full home renovation can take your current home and turn it into your dream home. Why pick one room when you can have them all?

    Full Home Remodeling  in Austin- Hestia Home Services

    Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Remodeling in Austin, TX

    Hestia Construction & Design receives many questions about our exterior remodeling services in Austin, TX. Austin exterior remodeling can be confusing due to permits and other restrictions in the area. Here are a couple common questions we receive:I live in Central Austin.

    Will my exterior renovation be affected by the McMansion Ordinance (aka Residential Design and Compatibility Standards)?

    The McMansion Ordinance does not typically affect exterior renovations. A ground floor covered porch/patio is excluded from gross floor area provided that 1) it is not accessible by automobile and is not connected to a driveway; and 2) the exemption may not exceed 200 square feet if a porch has habitable space or a balcony above it. For most cases the McMansion Ordinance will not affect your exterior renovation unless patio area has a habitable space or balcony above it and that space is more than 200 square feet. Find out more about the Residential Design and Compatibility Standards here:

    Do I have to come to you with ideas for exterior home remodeling?

    If you have ideas for exterior remodeling project in Austin, TX, we will gladly work with them. However, if you want to explore different options, Hestia Construction & Design can help with creating a new and interesting space in your backyard. Our expert design specialists can take your wants and needs and create the perfect exterior renovation project. Whether you are looking for an outdoor oasis or a gourmet outdoor cooking space, we can bring your outdoor living dreams into reality.

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