What to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project
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December 26, 2022
Jennifer Voss

Jennifer Voss

What to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Planning and executing your perfect bathroom renovation is daunting, but the payoff can be huge. The bathroom is where most homeowners and their family will begin and end their day, but this regularly used area is often overlooked when it comes to the remodeling roulette wheel in favor of the kitchen or living space. It goes without saying that any bathroom remodeling project is a big task, but with the correct planning and considerations, along with the help of a professional bathroom remodeling company, you’ll be relaxing in your brand-new, luxe bathtub in no time! 

We’ll help you complete a top-to-bottom bathroom remodel in your Houston home. 

How To Plan for a Bathroom Remodel


As with other rooms in your home, it’s all about pre-planning, research, and gathering inspiration when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. With so many beautiful bathrooms popping up on social media, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed! We recommend beginning by assessing your own family’s individual needs when it comes to your bathroom usage.  
Gone are the days where a bathroom was solely a practical room in our homes, we now utilize them for our own relaxing and pampering needs. Sit down with your spouse and consider the following to help get an idea of the direction of your bathroom remodel project: 


  • Who is the bathroom for? Is it an en suite, a family bathroom, or a guest bathroom? 
  • Will it require a bath and plenty of storage for toys? 
  • Is it best to install a separate shower? 
  • Does it need to feature a double basin?  
  • What accessories will it need – a towel rack, rail, etc? 

As you talk through these, you’ll naturally happenstance across various other topics to consider too. All this information is perfect to bring to a qualified remodeling professional to begin to visualise your project and how you need the area to work for you and your family.  


Budgeting for Your Bathroom Remodel 

Budgeting Bathroom Remodel

Price is one of the biggest factors in any home renovation project. However, there’s no reason that bathroom remodeling costs need to get out of control. With the correct planning and preparation, you’ll be well-informed to make the right decisions for your project.  

Before you set a fixed budget, it’s worth considering the factors that will potentially change the cost of your bathroom remodel:  


  • The size of your bathroom 
  • The amount of renovation work needed 
  • The quality of finish you require 
  • The specification of materials you desire 
  • The plumbing system you already have in place 
  • If you require any electrical work 

As with any major home renovation, it’s also best to prepare for the unexpected and allow for unforeseen expenses within your total budget. Our qualified bathroom remodeling professionals will be able to advise on your specific situation, including if you would need to move any plumbing to achieve your goal, which would increase your overall budget 


Plumbing & Electric in Your New Bathroom 


Changing your bathroom floorplan can add to the overall cost of your bathroom remodel. Although you may like the idea of relocating your toilet or sink to give way to a completely different look, when fixtures are rearranged, plumbing work and pipes must be moved accordingly. This will likely extend your project timeline and increase costs.  

Any plumbing or electrical work should be completed before the tiling and flooring are laid. You will need an electrician for any rewiring, lighting schemes, and the addition of an electric shower or shower pump. You may also consider if you want your electrical sockets and exhaust fan to be visible or discrete and if they should match the style of your bathroom. 


Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom


No matter the size of your bathroom, there’s tons of ways to creatively organize your towels, make-up, and other daily products. From over-the-door shelves to under-the-sink organizing systems, we encourage you to think high and low to make the most of your bathroom space. Simple storage solutions are important in your newly designed space because they keep the area free of clutter and ensure a serene, spa-like bathroom.  

Talk to your Houston bathroom remodeling company about inventive bathroom storage ideas to keep this high-traffic area neat and tidy. 


A Stylish Bathroom Remodel


As well as choosing the practicalities of your bathroom remodel to fit your family’s specific needs, you’ll also want to be inspired by the latest trends and timeless styles when it comes to the design and aesthetic of your bathroom. According to top interior designers, modern blue, light green, and warmer neutral bathroom color schemes will continue to be popular in 2023. Likewise, selecting an all-white palette will create a timeless design that you’ll love for years to come, and leaves you the option of accessorizing with bold, bright colors.  


Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches to Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom!

When the labor-intensive projects are complete and you see your newly remodeled bathroom come together, it’s easy to picture yourself already in your bathtub decompressing. To add the wow factor in your bathroom, don’t forget to add the flourishes that will make your bathroom feel like the safe space it is: 


  • Utilize the wall space to add paintings, framed photographs, and wall coverings to add your personal stamp. 
  • Take your time when selecting the perfect soft furnishings for your space. Window coverings, bathmats, and towels can all compliment the style and design you’ve chosen.  
  • Create a spa-like area with beautiful, scented candles and floral arrangements. 

With these unique and personal finishing touches, your brand-new bathroom will already feel like part of your home. 


Need Help with Your Bathroom Remodel in Houston?


Feeling inspired and ready to begin your bathroom remodelling project? Hestia Construction & Design is here to help make your bathroom beautiful! Houston homeowners trust Hestia to deliver a dedicated, outstanding quality service every time. We provide an unmatched home remodeling experience and ensure you receive the highest level of value for your investment. Simply call, email or contact us here today. 

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