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The Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Houston & Austin
Publish Date
January 30, 2023
Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols

The Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Houston & Austin


Do you have big kitchen remodeling ideas but aren’t blessed with a vast open-plan space? Even if your kitchen is on the small side, there is plenty to feel positive about and plenty of kitchen remodeling ideas you can introduce to your cozy kitchen.


A modest kitchen cannot accommodate laundry, cooking duties, or schoolwork, and be a place where the family gathers to decompress at the end of a busy day. The primary function of a small kitchen is meal preparation, therefore you should focus on the necessary workspaces and functionality to help make your day-to-day living easier.


Fortunately, Hestia Construction & Design has a proven record of creating dynamic and ergonomic designs for small spaces, as well as experience in how to use smart storage ideas to help homeowners in Houston and Austin get the very best out of every inch of their kitchen.


Reduce Wall Cabinetry to One Side of A Narrow Kitchen


If you’re designing a layout for a small, narrow space, avoid using wall-hung upper cabinets on each side of your kitchen, as it creates the sense of the walls closing in on you. Replace multiple sections of wall cabinetry with open shelving, tile accent walls, or just opting for wall-hung cabinets on one side of your kitchen.


Consider how functional your space is if you have a narrow galley kitchen. The space itself is easy to navigate, with the oven, fridge, and pantry within reach, but make sure you factor in usable work surface. Work with your kitchen designer to lean into this unique space to create something bespoke for you.


Invest in Intuitive Lighting


One element of kitchen remodeling that we often see forgotten about, but is incredibly impactful in a smaller space, is lighting. Lighting ideas for small kitchens can unlock great potential and create both atmosphere and functionality.


Consider recessed lighting in the ceiling to brighten up the space, on top of upper wall cabinetry to give the illusion of height, and sconce or accent lighting to create charm and ambiance.


Use Large Floor Tiles


On first consideration, it may feel counterintuitive to choose large, bold floor tiles for a small space, but rest assured, there’s a method in this madness! Using smaller tiles will result in a larger number of grout lines, which can make the space look overly busy and cramped. Opt for at least 12 x 12-inch tiles or larger and your floor will have fewer number of grout lines widely spaced to give an illusion of a roomy floor.


Choose Pull-out Drawers to Maximise Storage Space


A cluttered kitchen will make any kitchen appear smaller. If you’re working with a smaller space, then it’s important that you invest in clever storage solutions to avoid overwhelming your countertop surfaces.


Make use of every inch of storage space at your disposal with a clever pull-out drawer system. Instead of cramming all your pots and pans into a deep cupboard, a pull-out drawer will enable you to get hands-on with every bit of cookware without fuss.


Pick a Single Sink


A double butler sink may look impressive, but if space isn’t in abundance, then this trendy style is going to take up precious space and make your kitchen look even smaller. A single sink can look just as sophisticated and will preserve your precious counter space for other kitchen duties.


How Do I Plan a Small Kitchen?


Small kitchen layout ideas don’t have to be compromised when square footage is limited. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen that is large or small, you need to consider the journey and how you intend to use the space.


There’s a triangle of use within all our kitchens which includes the journey made from the fridge to sink to oven. Plan your layout around the best way to use the floorspace and consider vertical solutions to make the most of every storage area available.


Hestia Construction & Design can help you consider all possible small kitchen ideas and tips to take advantage of the possibility of the space – no matter the size!


What is the Best Color for a Small Kitchen?


White and neutral colors can help a small space feel bigger, as it brightens the space by bouncing light into shadows, making walls recede, and increasing the sense of space. Light blues, greens, or pale yellows are other great options to make your space look larger too.


To help your chosen color go even further in a small kitchen, you could consider painting the cabinetry in the same color as the walls. Opting for an all-over color scheme helps to keep the look airy by seamlessly blending the cupboards into the kitchen walls.



How Can I Get the Most Out of My Small Kitchen Remodel?


Carefully plan your layout with the experts at Hestia Construction & Design to maximize every inch and commit to regularly clearing out any kitchen appliances and cookery items that you’re no longer using.


In addition to our top tips above, also consider other common objects that take up valuable space in your small kitchen, for example, a garbage bin and recycling can be integrated into your design to ensure that there are fewer objects situated on the floor.


We can help you include clever space-saving ideas such as sliding doors, pull-out chopping boards, or a basin cover that can be used as an extra surface.


Remodel Your Small Kitchen with Hestia Construction & Design


Maximize your small kitchen with design ideas and space-saving design hacks from Hestia Construction & Design. We know all about clever kitchen storage solutions and efficient kitchen layouts to help homeowners in Houston and Austin get the very best out of their small kitchens.


We consider your individual needs from your space as well as your budget to help combine a mix of materials and innovative designs to give your kitchen a sophisticated new look. Contact us today to begin your kitchen remodeling project and experience the Hestia difference.

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