When Remodeling My House, What Area Should I Start With?
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April 5, 2022
Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols

When Remodeling My House, What Area Should I Start With?

There are a million different ways that you can start renovating your home. From a historical redesign or a new build, the process can be equally exciting as it is challenging. Justifiably, you might be wondering, “when remodeling my house, what area should I start with?” Maybe the kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps the living room? At Hestia Construction and Design, we understand these concerns. 

Home remodeling in Fort Worth, Texas, can be a demanding and confusing undertaking, but don’t let that deter you. With proper planning and budgeting, (and our team on your side), you can achieve the renovation that you’ve always wanted. 

In this guide, we have put together some first steps to take when trying to figure out what area of your home you should remodel first.

When Remodeling My House, What Area Should I Start With?

What Can You DIY and What Requires a Contractor?

For a home remodel project to be successful, it’s important to lay out a vision of what you want to accomplish. Unless you’re a professional remodeler or highly skilled carpenter, the areas that you can start yourself with should be elements that you can safely DIY. For instance, you could paint a wall or install shelves. 

However, remodeling full rooms can be a long and extensive process depending on the scale of your project. As a general rule, if you have to strip, replace, or remove a complex component, it’s best to let a professional contractor like Hestia do the heavy lifting.

Hiring a professional eliminates the chances of accidental damage to your home, which can sometimes be more costly to fix than if you just hired a home remodeling company from the start. You also want to consider your own safety and reduce any chances of injury throughout the project. 

Considerations of Where to Start Remodeling First

We do not recommend jumping into a remodeling project without some planning. When you create a map and a plan of what you want to see accomplished, the entire project will have a more successful outcome. When you begin your remodeling project, consider the following steps in your planning process, and you will be setting yourself up for success:

  • Address safety issues first
  • Balance functional and cosmetic changes
  • Map out priority areas 
  • Set a budget
  • Maximize your space
  • Consider the styles you want
  • Consider outdoor renovation
  • Record your remodeling journey 

Address Safety Issues First

As you start your home renovation journey, safety should be at the forefront of your plan. Have a professional inspect your home to identify any potential safety or health hazards. You might need to fix or replace certain elements that could pose a threat to you and your loved ones. 

Check features like the electrical system, water and gas pipes, the HVAC system, and structural details to ensure they’re working properly or not falling apart. Letting these components deteriorate without repairing or replacing them can lead to catastrophic outcomes, like flooding, fires, or collapses.

This is especially important if you own an old home. Historic homes often have outdated electrical systems and degrading pipes that require more specialized care and immediate attention than those in a newer home might. Even the paint jobs in old houses can present a significant health concern, as the paint can have lead and asbestos that only a professional can handle safely. The sooner you identify and resolve these critical remodeling elements, the sooner you can focus on what you really want to renovate.

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Balance Functional and Cosmetic Changes

What is the primary purpose of your remodel: style or function? Luckily, you rarely have to exclusively choose one or the other. Most remodeling projects can be both visually appealing and functionally useful. For instance, installing a built-in bookshelf gives you a place to store your books while creating an impressive aesthetic showpiece. Even more advanced jobs like installing a vintage claw-foot tub can provide modern functionality as well as distinctive style.

Like any project, the complexity of the task can determine whether you should hire a professional contractor. Cosmetic changes like changing out a light fixture, painting an entry door, or replacing blinds with curtains are usually less expensive because they require little or no structural work. 

These modifications might not provide any functional benefits, but they look phenomenal. However, you may need to hire a professional contracting company like Hestia Construction and Design for more complex work, like tearing down a wall, installing a new bathroom vanity, or upgrading your electrical system.

Map Out Your Priority Areas

To narrow down where to start with the home renovation, rank each area in your house based on the value it provides you. For example, you might decide that the kitchen is the best place to start your project because it’s an area of the house that gets frequent use. Kitchen remodels also usually yield a very high return on investment. 

If your intentions are to resell the home for profit, consider how each project will affect your home’s resale value. If you have an outdated bathroom, for instance, you might want to prioritize that. You could modernize it with a new shower, vanity, or state-of-the-art toilet.

More important than where you start is ensuring that any renovations are done the right way. Make a list of the areas that you want to focus on in order of significance and then present that list to the remodeling company so they can give you an estimate of how much the renovations may cost. From there, you can decide what is feasible. 

Keep in mind that certain projects may need to be in a specific order. For example, if you want to tear down a wall, then the contractor might have to deal with the inner plumbing and electrical systems before moving on to other projects.

Set a Budget

The cost of a home renovation depends on what you want to do. If you have a limited budget, you may decide where to start based on what you can afford. You could begin with small and affordable projects first to give yourself time to save up enough money for more expensive projects. You know your financial situation better than anyone else, so create a budget that’s realistic and economical. 

We do not recommend that you go beyond your financial means to complete a home remodel. This can cause major financial setbacks and jeopardize your quality of life. The team at Hestia will work diligently to help you develop a budget that fits your current situation. A consultation about your remodeling wants and needs can help us better assess how much each project is going to cost and what you can do to achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Maximize Your Space

Sometimes it’s ideal to start with an area where you can maximize the space and produce a solid return on investment. For example, you might decide to remodel your kitchen first by connecting the space to your den, creating a more open concept that’s very appealing to homebuyers. This  type of remodel can drastically drive up the resale value of your home and make you more money in the long run.

Consult with the contracting company about your ideas for maximizing your living space. Understand that this doesn’t always mean making a space larger. Sometimes it means building new elements to make better use of the available space, like a built-in bookcase or hidden storage unit. 

Your remodeler can go over your goals and help you assess what’s feasible and how much it may cost. Hestia can fulfill that role by providing you with realistic expectations, price estimates, and a meaningful timeline of when a project can begin and when it’s likely to finish. 

Consider the Styles You Want

The style that you go for can sometimes determine the order of your home remodeling projects. Each room might have its own unique aesthetic and charm, but these distinctive details require different resources, skilled labor, and time to complete. If you plan to use a different style for each room, then consider starting on the rooms with the easier styles and then moving up from there. For example, a rustic-style remodel usually requires lighter work than an industrial-style project. 

After addressing the styles that are easier and cheaper to achieve, you can calculate what remains of your budget and determine which area to move to next. 

Consider Outdoor Renovations

Unless it’s your only home remodeling project or the most necessary, outdoor renovations are usually last on the list of priorities. An outdoor remodel might involve installing a swing set, building a greenhouse, growing a garden, adding a pool, or remodeling a deck or pavilion. 

These areas are usually last because their use is often circumstantial and not pivotal to your everyday living. As such, you can go for longer periods of time without using or addressing these outdoor features without sacrificing the quality of your daily life. 

Record Your Home Remodeling Journey

Wherever you decide to start in your remodeling journey, make sure to track the changes that you want to make or have already made. Keeping detailed records will help you stay within your desired budget or at least make adjustments to it as needed. 

At the beginning of the project, put together a renovation binder, compiling all the information and paperwork that you need. Alternatively, you can use a remodeling app to simplify the process. These applications can provide you with a 3D image of your home so you can get a glimpse of the potential outcome.Still not sure what area to start with? Keep in mind that there is no definitive answer to this question. Every project is different, and the best place to start ultimately depends on your specific needs, wants, and abilities. Contact us here at Hestia Construction and design so we can provide you with a fair estimate and help you determine the most efficient way to remodel your home. 

When Remodeling My House, What Area Should I Start With? — Houston, Texas

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