Reasons to Consider Upgrading the Size of Your Home With a Home Addition
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August 17, 2022
Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols

Reasons to Consider Upgrading the Size of Your Home With a Home Addition

How is the space in your home working for you? Have you thought about how much easier it could be if you just had more room? There are many times when we find ourselves looking for solutions to our need for more space and functionality in our home. Perhaps you’ve even considered moving as an option, thinking you’ve outgrown your current home. Read on to dive into some reasons to consider why a custom remodeling or home addition project could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

FAMILY, WORK, AND Lifestyle Changes

Throughout our life we go through many phases and changes. Ask yourself if there are changes in your life that could be made easier with a home remodel or addition. Is your family growing? Maybe there is a new member joining the household. We often think about a baby on the way, but consider also that many college graduates return to the nest for up to several years. Additionally, aging parents are turning more frequently to living with family members over in-residence facilities.

Does your work and home life look different these days? Whether it’s approaching retirement or transitioning to work from home, maybe you’ve thought about different ways you would like to use your home. Perhaps you’ve considered having a dedicated home office, a separate space for a special hobby, a yoga studio, or even a meditation room. If you are entertaining more frequently, you might be yearning for an open concept space to gather or want to add a spare bedroom for guests. A home remodel may answer life’s biggest questions wherever you find yourself in life.


We all know that moving into a new home can be an extremely stressful and painstaking experience for any family. This is especially true if children are forced to change schools as well. There are so many details that need to be sorted out such as your phone and internet service, insurance, sewer, and other utilities. Many people consider the impact of the current housing market, which includes rising interest rates and the scarcity of available options. These factors are causing new home prices to soar. Put simply, the probability is that you most likely won’t find a home that fits your needs and your budget in your target neighborhood. Realtors’ fees further factor into the bottom line, which is that moving is not always the best option. You could avoid having to endure the housing market and being forced to make certain compromises if you choose to stay in your current home by remodeling it to better fit your specific needs.


Are you feeling limited or constrained by the lack of space in your home? Let a professional help you to create more of it! Think about how you would want your current home to look, and which limitations could be solved by adding some extra space. There are many solutions to this problem, ranging from smaller scale renovations to large scale remodeling. Some options for creating maximum space include a complete floor plan redesign or building an addition that could give you an extra room or two. It might even be possible to add a second story, garage apartment, or to build an outdoor structure like a covered patio or shed. You will be happy to find out how much value that extra space will add to your home and to your life.


Adding space and improving the functionality of your home can produce a solid return on investment as well as accommodate a multitude of life changes. Renovations and remodels increase the value of your property. One popular way to increase value during a remodel is to increase the energy efficiency of your home, which also saves you money in the long run. Think of your remodeling project as an investment in your most significant asset: your home. A home remodel or addition can also be viewed as an investment in yourself. Most people grow attached to their homes, they tend to be happier when they can improve the quality of the space and stay there longer. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your investment while it increases in value and simultaneously fulfills needed solutions for your household and lifestyle?


While thinking about some solutions you are most interested in, you should consult with a professional to determine what is possible for your home. This is very important because you need to be aware of your local laws before undertaking certain types of projects that would add more space to your home. In some areas of Austin, for example, there is an ordinance (commonly referred to as the McMansion Law) which limits the amount of square footage in your home as a percentage of your land space. Because there are many stipulations and exceptions to this law it can quickly become confusing! In this scenario, a professional remodeling contractor will be able to guide you through the design and construction process to ensure your home is up to code. Your contractor can check if your envisioned renovation project is allowed under your local existing laws and guide you through any permitting requirements.

Every project is different, and the best place to start ultimately depends on your specific needs, wants, and abilities. Contact us at Hestia Construction and design so we can provide you with a consultation and help you determine the best way to remodel your Austin home to your unique needs.

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