Create a Luxurious Spa-like Destination with These Unique Bathtubs
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July 16, 2019
Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody is a native Houstonian who installed his first roof at age thirteen. Ever since, he’s had a passion for construction. He holds over 20 years of project management and sales experience in residential and commercial construction. He graduated from SFA in 1998 with a degree in business, then he went on to manage and facilitate large-scale commercial projects, working on high profile projects, such as Alief High School, ABC Pest Control, and Goodwill. From there, he transitioned back to the Residential sector, preferring the client interaction and the project personality involved. He’s great at building relationships and solving problems. Jesse joined Hestia as a Renovation Specialist in 2017. Jesse loves to be outdoors and spends his free time fishing, camping, hunting, or at the beach. He also enjoys reading and being with his family and friends.

Create a Luxurious Spa-like Destination with These Unique Bathtubs

If there’s a room in your home that deserves a little extra attention, it’s the bathroom. By considering a bathroom remodel in Houston, your oasis of pure luxury and relaxation is just one step closer..

In today’s economy, Houston homeowners are looking to invest in their homes now more than ever. Bathroom remodels continue to yield the highest return on investment, and more specifically, a luxurious bathtub experience is one of the top trends of bathroom remodels in 2019.

Let’s look at some excellent bathtub ideas for your home:

Soak in the ViewA bathtub near a huge window offering stunning views

The best views are those that capture everything natural in one big sweep. Corner glass windows with no panels can make your bath time a spectacular experience.

During your bathroom remodel in Houston, add full-size glass windows and strategically place the tub to soak surrounded by mesmerizing views. Apart from the look, the windows also welcome natural light for a more relaxing and comfortable bath.

Separate the Tub

Place a bathtub centered in the bay window of your bathroom for a sculptural and inviting look. By strategically placing the tub in a separate area away from the shower and vanities, you can create a secluded spa-like space. Add a touch of elegant symmetry with your cabinet design to play up the architecture of the bathroom.

By keeping other elements subdued, such as fixtures and lighting, you can ensure that your large bathtub becomes a focal point.

“Play up the architecture of the bathroom by choosing the right bathtub and other elements.”

Invest in a Jacuzzi

If there’s one way to recreate spa-like relaxation at home, it’s with a jacuzzi tub. Jacuzzis are a fantastic way to relax; add essential oils, let the water bubble, and wash your stress away.

At times when you’re waiting for a hair or face mask to set in, soaking in the hot tub can be the best way to pamper yourself and decompress after a long day.

Unwind in a Free-Standing Tub

One of the most popular trends in 2018, the free-standing bathtub continues to be highly relevant in 2019, aligning with the modern, minimalist style that is currently so sought-after.

The clean, simple lines create a bold, elegant look, making the bathtub the focal piece of the bathroom. Elevate the design even further by hanging a pendant or chandelier directly above.

“Wash away your troubles with some bubbles.”

Discover the Art in Stone

A stunning stone bathtub in muted pink bathroom

For a more organic feel, consider a big stone tub complete with some teak accessories, like a bath or wall tray to store your bath products. Celebrate your love for natural beauty with a stone tub that’s unique in style and shape.

Placing a stool near the tub is an excellent idea to keep a book, a cup of tea, or your toiletries within reach, as well as accessorize your space.

Relish The Classic Claw-Foot

A claw-foot tub is a perfect selection for vintage, old-world, or traditional home. Not only does it create an impressive centerpiece, but also steals the attention by being inviting.

Pair up a white tub with bronze window sills and add some hi-tech features for a relaxing environment.

Complement the bronze windows with a tubular bronze frame on your tub for a real sense of elegance and structure.

“Happiness is a long hot bubble bath.”

With every Houston home remodeling, you have an opportunity to create the bathroom of your dreams. You can choose different finishes, colors, and shapes for a distinctive bathtub that reflects your personality and defines your space.

Inspirational Bathroom Remodel Ideas by Hestia Home Services

At Hestia Home Services, we specialize in bathroom remodeling in Houston, TX, and have transformed the look and feel of many spaces. Call us at 832-871-5577 to upgrade your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

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