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Living Room Addition Ideas for your Houston Home
Publish Date
November 11, 2022
Jennifer Voss

Jennifer Voss

Living Room Addition Ideas for your Houston Home

Your home met your family’s needs when you bought it, but as the years have passed it’s begun to feel cramped and a little too cozy. A living room addition can improve the comfort and design of your home, whilst catering to your family’s lifestyle. If you’re looking to add extra square-footage where your family is most likely to congregate, or to provide a new, exciting space for a growing home-business, then a living room addition will provide all the space you need, without the hassle of moving your family to a new property.


Any type of room addition to your home is a major undertaking, as we create a new structure and seamlessly integrate it with your existing home layout. Although brand-new, you’ll want your living room addition to look like it’s always been a part of your home, while providing the comfort and functionality you have been needing. Hestia Construction & Design will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the design fits your home’s unique style and solutions for your family.


Benefits of a Living Room Addition


If your home is no longer fits your family’s lifestyle, you should consider a living room addition before you decide to pack up and move. A living room addition is a great way to transform your home and give you the necessary space and convenience you’ve been longing for. Take a look at these extra benefits of adding a living room addition:


  1. A Good Financial Solution to Moving

    Perhaps you’ve been in your home for multiple years, you enjoy the neighborhood, and the local amenities to your home. Relocating to a new property means putting down brand-new roots, establishing new routines, and possibly a longer commute to the office. When you require additional space, a living room addition will always be more affordable than packing it all up, once you consider the entire cost of moving plus realtor fees. Plus, you’ll still be able to enjoy what you’ve always known in your local area.

  2. Increase Storage Capabilities

    It’s not just our families that grow over time, it’s also our possessions! Although adding a living room addition may spark some decluttering in your household, adding a new bespoke space will provide your family with extra storage capabilities. Consider customized solutions, shelving, and cabinets in your addition to make organizing even easier.

  3. Added Value

    Even if you do not foresee moving in the near future, a living room addition will almost certainly add value to your property. Whether your living room addition is specifically for your growing family, or you plan to turn it into a home office, that extra space is sure to be of interest to potential buyers.

3 Space-Expanding Living Room Addition Ideas


Family room and living room additions have become extremely popular over the last few years, and it’s no surprise given the benefits they offer. There are many ways to incorporate a room addition into your home, here are our three favorite living room addition ideas.

  1. Bump Out

    Living Room Addition

    If your living room is situated in a way that allows for extra space for expansion, then a bump out is a great option. A bump out can extend your existing living room outward by around 5 to 15 feet, depending on your home’s layout and available space. It will add that much-needed additional space, without substantially changing the outward appearance of your home.

    The bonus is that you can tailor a living room bump out to your specific family needs. Whether you’re looking for space for a home office, a breakfast nook, or the addition of a bay window to let in more light into your home, a room addition can provide the solution you need. If your living room is already positioned in a way that there is ample room to expand into your yard, then a bump out may be a great option for you.

  2. Sunroom

    Bask in the Texan sun with a custom sunroom for your home. A sunroom remains a highly desirable option for a living room addition. A sunroom typically incorporates large windows to allow in extra sunlight but can be air conditioned for your enjoyment, even during the hottest months Texas has to offer. Highly energy-efficient, a sunroom is generally smaller than a full room addition but still adds extra living space to your home’s layout.

    Designed to function as an additional living area during mild weather, a sunroom is a brilliant choice for Houstonians or Austinites. A sunroom can be used as an office, dining room, craft room, entertainment area and more.

  3. Add an Additional Room

    Whether you’re a fan of family movie nights or your children are entering their teenage years and craving some space of their own, adding a brand-new room to your home can provide a dedicated entertainment space that your whole family can enjoy.

    An entertainment room exclusive for having fun where you can watch movies, listen to music, or play games is sure to have something for the entire family. An entertainment room can also be a space to share with your friends and extended family as well.

Professional Home Remodeling Services

When you visualize your new room addition, remember there’s no rule to say it must be a basic square-shape. If you want to add some unique interest to your renovation, Hestia can help provide a custom design just for you. Regardless of your budget, style, or family size, there’s a suitable option for every home when it comes to the perfect living room addition remodel.

If you’re looking to add extra space to your Houston home with a living room addition, Hestia Construction & Design would love to help! We provide an unparalleled home remodeling experience and ensure you receive the maximum level of value for your investment. Not sure where to begin? Our expert team of Renovation Specialists, Onboarding Coordinators, Project Engineers, and Quality Control Specialists are here to understand your individual requirements to turn your project into a success.


Contact Texas’s first choice for home remodelling experts today on (832) 399-2060.



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