Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
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March 17, 2022
Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Before hiring home remodelers Houston to renovate your home, it’s a good idea to check out some of the current trends. This helps you to create an idea of what you like and decide what works best for your home. Knowing this upfront makes the design and construction process much easier. There is less back and forth regarding the basic design and small details. This is especially true of kitchens, which is often the first place homeowners renovate even when the rest of the home remains untouched.

1. Smart Devices

Smart home tech is becoming increasingly common for kitchen remodeling Houston designs. Some homeowners have installed sensor-activated lights, sensor-activated faucets, and smart fridges.

2. Plants

To improve upon the natural look, consider adding small plants to the kitchen area. If you truly have a green thumb, grow some herbs, such as mint or basil. Growing your food is one key aspect of sustainable living.

3. Hidden Appliances

Another look that has become easier to achieve without the self-sacrifice is minimalism. Want less clutter on your counters? Hide them. From pull out stands inside the cabinets to roll-up doors, homeowners are learning how to keep small appliances out of sight.

4. Bold Lighting

For years, people thought little of lighting fixtures beyond chandeliers in focal rooms of the home. Today, you can use beautiful light fixtures to add character to a room or introduce a theme. For instance, an out-of-the-box linear pendant over the kitchen island. Some people always use industrial pipes to make DIY lighting and fixtures that add a unique touch.

Plants for home remodeling

5. New Floors

With the popularity of open-concept living, it has become increasingly more prevalent to use one consistent flooring throughout the living space and kitchen. This might also present an opportunity to replace your existing floors with a more on-trend flooring, such as wide plank, light wood flooring.

6. Staying Away from Granite

Granite will always be a classic countertop choice, but concrete and quartz are giving it a run for its money. Concrete can lean both modern and rustic, while quartz and quartzite are universal in their aesthetic.

7. Accent Pieces

Most people save accent pieces for the living and bedroom areas, but these work well in kitchens, too. Is there a particular color or tile pattern you like that might be overwhelming if it covered a large space? Use that as your feature piece, such as around a floarting venthood.

8. Featured Grays

White enjoyed a wonderful run in contemporary and minimalist designs. Navy blue also enjoyed brief popularity. A more common neutral choice is modern grays. Try mixing and matching various shades across floors, cabinetry, and countertops.

9. Black and White Base

Gray is in, but black and white is a timeless combination. What’s even better is that all three of these shades work well together. You can mix and match across appliances, fixtures, floors, cabinetry, lighting, ceiling, and other features in the room for a look that outlasts any trend.

10. Contrast

The main reason black and white have worked so well together over the years is the contrast. Contrast can help you to single out certain features in the room while toning down either brightness or darkness.

11. Wood Grains

To warm up the kitchen, considering using wood tones to soften the overlook of your kitchen. This helps to make the kitchen look more inviting. Consider constructing the warmth of wooden perimeter cabinets with a modern island.

12. Farmhouse-Style Additions

The farmhouse-style sink and faucet is a staple in most kitchens built or designed in the past five years. The shaker-style cabinets used in farmhouse kitchens have also now become more popular.

Commercial-Grade Appliances

13. Maximum Storage

Some design choices are purely functional. If you have a big family or just love to collect beautiful china and place settings, you probably need more storage. Houston homeowners are now adding a second row of upper cabinets.

14. Commercial-Grade Appliances

If you don’t entertain large groups of people or have a large family, this can be overkill. However, if the opposite is true, investing in these appliances can make your home life so much easier.

15. A Large Kitchen Island

In today’s modern kitchens, it’s not unusual to see kitchen island that are 8, 10, and sometimes 12 feet long. The more prep space, the better. Also, kitchen islands are a natural family congregation and entertaining space, so go big or go home.

Hestia Construction & Design has completed many projects in the past years and maintains a spotless customer service record. When remodeling homes in Houston, we enjoy working with homeowners who know what they want. This makes it a lot easier to ensure the final design meets your specific needs. Contact us to start your project today.

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