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Houston Home Remodel Ideas 2021
Publish Date
April 12, 2021
Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody is a native Houstonian who installed his first roof at age thirteen. Ever since, he’s had a passion for construction. He holds over 20 years of project management and sales experience in residential and commercial construction. He graduated from SFA in 1998 with a degree in business, then he went on to manage and facilitate large-scale commercial projects, working on high profile projects, such as Alief High School, ABC Pest Control, and Goodwill. From there, he transitioned back to the Residential sector, preferring the client interaction and the project personality involved. He’s great at building relationships and solving problems. Jesse joined Hestia as a Renovation Specialist in 2017. Jesse loves to be outdoors and spends his free time fishing, camping, hunting, or at the beach. He also enjoys reading and being with his family and friends.

Houston Home Remodel Ideas 2021

The most common reasons people give for home renovations Houston project include updating tired spaces, adding more storage, and increasing the value of their property when they are ready to sell. In 2021, however, homeowners are turning more towards livability and function than they have in past years, partially in response to the turmoil that defined 2020. While bathroom and kitchen renovations Houston are always top projects, some unexpected remodels are gaining traction.


These are the best Houston home remodel Ideas 2021


The Home Office


From remote working to virtual learning, more families need a dedicated workspace than ever before. Creating an attractive and functional home office is a big priority for Houston homeowners, especially since working from home may not be going away anytime soon.


Since most people do not have an empty room to makeover as an office, homeowners may need to get creative by repurposing a small nook or closet to accommodate a desk, shelving, and other equipment. Incorporating vertical storage can also make the most of your limited space and keep your home office clutter-free and conducive to working or learning.


Defined Open Spaces


Kitchen Remodeling Houston - Hestia Home Services

Open floor plans have been the standard for the past decade or so. Here again, 2021 has thrown home renovations Houston for a loop. Some people want to close in some spaces for well-defined rooms that work better when the whole family is at home. For virtual learning and working from home, your family needs quiet, and sound can carry further through an open floor plan.


The desire for privacy is another force behind this push for adding walls or French doors to block all that open space. Some homeowners are even asking for soundproofing to make virtual meetings and lessons less distracting with a full house.


A Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat


Luxurious bathrooms are still one of the hot Home Remodel Ideas 2021 in Houston, and with good reason. This past year has been stressful, and homeowners want a peaceful oasis to escape the pressures of the day. Some of the more popular updates are rain showers, heated floors, and soaking tubs for a spa experience at home.


Another Houston Home Remodel Ideas 2021 that stems from 2020 is a renewed interest in bidets. These fixtures are the standard in many countries but never seemed to take off in the US. With the toilet paper shortage last year, however, you may be rethinking the advantages of a bidet for your bathroom.


The Ultimate Kitchen


Clean lines and neutral color palettes have dominated kitchen renovations Houston for the past few years, but homeowners realize they missed the coziness of color and texture. This home remodel ideas 2021 in Houston brings a renewed interest in wooden or painted cabinets and islands that provide seating space for dining or working.


Larger pantries are also on wish lists; with more meals prepared and eaten at home, people realized their kitchen might have focused more on appearances than on function. Now, they want more storage for small appliances and groceries, more counter space for food prep, and more warmth for a comfortable kitchen. 


Usable Outdoor Spaces


Another current home remodel ideas 2021 for a Houston project showing no signs of stopping is updating outdoor spaces for more living or entertaining rooms. These spaces add serious value to your home and give you a welcome respite from an often loud and busy kitchen or living room inside.


Outdoor kitchens, firepits, and covered decks or patios with fireplaces all create the perfect area for your staycation, and they are inviting when you have friends and family over. These outdoor spaces are attractive to homeowners and buyers when you are ready to sell, and they typically do not take as long as an indoor renovation because they may be easier to build.


Multi-Tasking Rooms


Home Addition Remodeling Houston

Think of all the things you stay at home to do in 2021. You may be working from home, cooking more meals, and watching new release movies. Perhaps you have a college student who would normally attend classes but who now is learning remotely. Maybe you have canceled your gym membership and bought equipment to continue your workouts. Does your home have spaces for all this living?


Make Your Ideas A Reality With The Best Contractor


Houston homeowners want rooms that can function in several ways, such as a combination home office and guest room or a game room with a home gym. Working with a contractor can help you accommodate your many needs, often by renovating an underused space, such as a formal living or dining room, to make it more practical. Do any of these home remodel Ideas 2021 sound like the answer to your family’s needs? Hestia Construction & Design can make your vision come to life. Contact us to learn more about our services, from outdoor, bathroom, or kitchen renovations Houston to designs that increase storage and flow.





Houston Home Remodel Ideas 2021 — Houston, Texas

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