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Create The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen
Publish Date
June 1, 2022
Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody

Jesse Coody is a native Houstonian who installed his first roof at age thirteen. Ever since, he’s had a passion for construction. He holds over 20 years of project management and sales experience in residential and commercial construction. He graduated from SFA in 1998 with a degree in business, then he went on to manage and facilitate large-scale commercial projects, working on high profile projects, such as Alief High School, ABC Pest Control, and Goodwill. From there, he transitioned back to the Residential sector, preferring the client interaction and the project personality involved. He’s great at building relationships and solving problems. Jesse joined Hestia as a Renovation Specialist in 2017. Jesse loves to be outdoors and spends his free time fishing, camping, hunting, or at the beach. He also enjoys reading and being with his family and friends.

Create The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

When you want a warm kitchen that uses natural materials with vintage yet sophisticated styling, consider a farmhouse kitchen. Contractors, design-build teams, and home remodelers are putting farmhouse kitchens in at an increasing rate. People enjoy the warmth, coziness, and open space found in a farmhouse kitchen. Read more to learn about key elements to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen.


What Is a Farmhouse Kitchen?



Image via Flickr by inbounduk


One of the key elements of a farmhouse kitchen is the warmth and comfort it exudes. Some compare a farmhouse kitchen to a country kitchen, but these two styles have differences. A country kitchen tends toward rustic furniture and cabinetry with knickknacks placed around the space. A farmhouse kitchen uses warm woods, cool colors, and natural materials with sophisticated styling that would fit in any modern home.


What Are the Key Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen?


This style of kitchen primarily uses natural materials with contemporary components. Common materials found in a farmhouse kitchen include:


  • Natural, reclaimed, or recycled wood for cabinets and floors.
  • Marble, soapstone, and porcelain for backsplashes and countertops.
  • Wrought iron for hardware and potholders.
  • Wire and glass for accent details.

Primary colors and textures used in a farmhouse-style kitchen include:


  • Cream, beige, cool pastels, and gray for the walls, floors, and cabinets.
  • Warm colors for a farmhouse kitchen backsplash, door and window trims, and cabinet hardware.
  • Wool, chenille, cotton, and canvas for throw rugs, kitchen towels, and wall hangings.

Having a functional layout is essential to a farmhouse kitchen. This style of kitchen tends to be large and often has a butcher block island in the center. You’ll often find open-shelving to hold dishes, small nooks for displaying special mementos, and windowsills with pots of herbs growing. Many farmhouse kitchens have exposed beams adding to the rustic appeal.


What Is a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?


The sink is one of the main focal points for a farmhouse kitchen. Farmhouse-style sinks are quite popular these days and are not only functional but quite attractive. A farmhouse kitchen sink, often called an apron-front sink, is the most popular stylxe for this type of kitchen. A deep basin with an exposed front that sits flush with your cabinets and countertops defines a farmhouse sink. They’re usually made from porcelain, cast iron, fireclay, copper, or stone. Farmhouse kitchen sinks generally have one large basin paired with a gooseneck faucet. Advantages of a farmhouse kitchen sink include:


  • Ability to soak lots of dishes.
  • Ability to clean large and hard-to-clean items like grill grates or baking dishes.
  • Ability to fill large pots with water, including canning pots, large pasta pots, or pots for cooking crab or lobster in.

Farmhouse kitchen sinks have a distinct, charming look to them, adding to the soft and comforting allure of a farmhouse kitchen.


The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen Table


Having the ideal farmhouse kitchen table adds an inviting element to any farmhouse kitchen. Setting the table with white dishes or ones with light floral patterns, wooden utensils, and fresh flowers in a colorful vase adds a comforting touch that diners will appreciate and enjoy.


What Should My Farmhouse Kitchen Table Look Like?


Most farmhouse kitchen tables are made from wood, either as one piece or with planks. The bottom half of the table can come painted with soft pastel colors or turnbuckle-style hardware like oversized bolts. Look for tables that can accommodate at least six people to create the feeling of large families or groups of friends gathering together to share a meal and conversation. For smaller spaces, you can get a wood dining table with leaves that can extend the length of the table for more seating as needed.


What Makes a Good Farmhouse Cabinet?


Cabinets take up a large portion of a farmhouse kitchen and you want to have enough space to store kitchen supplies while maintaining the farmhouse look. Ideas for farmhouse kitchen cabinets include:


  • Open shelving. Display your dishes and pots and pans on open shelves for a charming, rustic look. Most farmhouse kitchens have neutral-colored walls and dark wood shelves that contrast nicely.

  • Cabinets with glass inserts painted the same color as the walls. When the cabinets are painted the same color as the walls, the kitchen has an open, seamless appearance.

  • Reclaimed wood cabinets. When you want a rustic look for your farmhouse kitchen, choose ones made from reclaimed or recycled wood. Paint them in distressed colors for added charm.

  • Glass-front Shaker cabinets. Add a modern touch to your farmhouse kitchen with Shaker-style cabinets with full glass panels instead of the classic five-panel front.

Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware


Finish your farmhouse kitchen cabinets with metal hardware to complete the vintage look. Cooper, bronze, and wrought iron make great materials for cabinet hardware. Contrasting dark metal pulls, handles, and knobs against creamy or pastel-colored cabinets adds an interesting touch to the kitchen. Choose visible hinges to give the cabinets a textured and detailed look.


Complete the Farmhouse Kitchen With a Backsplash


The right backsplash can tie your farmhouse kitchen together. Not only does the backsplash help to keep the wall behind the stove and sink clean, but it also gives the room dimension. For a seamless look, add tile that is the same color as your walls and cabinets. You can vary the appearance with different shapes and tile designs.


Adding tile in straight lines gives the farmhouse kitchen a modern look. Patterned and colorful tiles help to brighten up the kitchen while adding texture to the space. Brick or brick patterns create an old-fashioned look, and hammered-metal backsplashes give the farmhouse kitchen a warm, contemporary appearance.


A farmhouse kitchen adds charm and warmth to any new, renovated, or historic house. If you want a beautiful farmhouse kitchen for your Houston or Austin, Texas, home, Hestia Construction Design is here to help. We work with your ideas and visions to help you achieve the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Contact our professional team today for a consultation and design ideas for your farmhouse kitchen.

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